Are you happy?

Recently, I saw on Facebook, a post from a celebrity talking about how they were not happy with their recent weight loss. All I could think was really?

I get it happiness is a state of mind etc, etc. But here is my take on this.

When I began my weight loss journey, I was 217 pounds and I was not happy. Far from it.  I hated myself.

Shopping trips were a nightmare I hated trying clothes on, I could never find anything cute to wear, plus sized clothes are expensive, and I felt unattractive. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for body positivity it’s great that it’s finally happening after all these years. 

But, I hated to be in pictures with my double chins, and practically taking up the entire picture. I really tried to embrace my body as it was but I could not. I decided enough was enough.

Once I started losing the weight, I had confidence that I never had before. People were calling me pretty, hot, etc. It lead me to doing pin-up pictures not once but twice, and boudoir photos.  I even ran a 5K which something the old Mags would have never ever done.

I felt good. Not only that shopping was fun again. Clothes fit!! I could put on pants without having to either lay down, or suck it in. 

So if you would ask are you happy? Of course I am. I have my moments like anybody, but I have no regrets only that I wished I had done it a lot sooner.


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