Over a year ago I joined Jazzercise. I was in search of a new workout routine. In the past, I had done Zumba at the local Y but the only time I could go was Saturday mornings. I did like the classes at first but the downfall was the classes were full, the instructor didn’t really instruct so it was difficult to pick up on the moves.


I decided to attend a class with a friend during their Free Days. I was hooked. I signed up that same night.  Jazzercise has been around for a long time since the 80’s of course now it’s changed. The basic class is still the same we do a warm up stretch, followed by cardio, then we end with strength training and a cool down.

Now Jazzercise offers a variety of different classes not just the basic Dance Mixx class. Strike, Fushion, Strength 60, Intervual Fushion and Dance Mixx and Core.

The best part of Jazzercise is we do fun games, and if you attend 150 classes within the calendar year you get a free shirt. I am well on my way I about 60 classes in? I’ve lost track. But I also love that I can attend right after work, I wish I could go twice a day but in the mornings 5 times a week is what I usually I can manage. We also offer childcare too which is nice for moms. The instructors are super nice, fun, they’re very encouraging to help reach your goals!

I love Jazzercise!!


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