The Color Dash

For the New Year I made a goal to run at least 2 5K this year. Well I added a third into the mix. My town hosted the first ever Color Dash. At first I wasn’t going to do it because well it fell on the same day as Relay For Life and also my work weekend.  Then my job sponsored the event and was offering free slots and I just so happen to win one so I was running.

Ok techincally I’m not a “runner” I have a bad knee but I can jog and walk. Last September I did my first 5K, 5K the Hard Way which was hard as the title described. It kicked my ass literally but overall I enjoyed the experince.

Actually I had planned to do “The Color Run” in July. But I figured it was good practice to do this one.

The day of dash came and it was COLD. I wasn’t prepared for that! I had a white shirt so I had to run home and grab another white long sleeved shirt.  The route was around our main sections of town including our historic downtown. If you’re not familiar with any of the “Color Runs” you run or walk so many miles then at each stop your doused with a different colored powder. Until you’re fully colored it’s really fun.

It was 2.9 miles and I finished in 50 minutes:


Not bad for my first color run!

In less than 2 weeks I will be running my 2nd 5K in Lincoln, Nebraska. The Insane Inflate 5K!



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