Insanse Inflate 5K

Saturday was The Insane Inflate 5K in Lincoln so I decided to write about it. As you know, I had made my goal to do at least two 5K’s this year, I ended up doing 3 (well the Color Dash wasn’t a 5K but a run none the less) this is 2nd 5K with an obstacle course. As I mentioned in my previous post, Insane Inflate is a lot like Wipe Out minus mud, water etc, and it’s basically childhood bounce houses for everyone.

The weather was HOT which is typical June weather being from Nebraska where the weather can change hourly (no joke) it was an odd change of pace from all the cool temps and rain we’ve had lately. However it made running difficult as to there was no way I was running. Honestly very few people ran which I was relieved to see.


I was set to run at 10:45, the starting line was a slide you climbed up and dropped down:


I wasn’t nervous until I saw that! But it wasn’t that bad as it turned out. The course was many different inflate obstacles majority were slides but some involved climbing upwards which my experience isn’t all that awesome I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it through one of them until I followed somebody else’s lead. I did a lot of bouncing on my booty as well. By the time I was to the finish line, (two sets of slides) I was crawling I was wrung out from the heat! But despite walking I finished in 52 minutes beating my previous time by 7 minutes.


Overall the 5K was really fun, the downfall was only one drink station during the entire 5K, and honestly it would have been nice to have another since it was so stinking hot to prevent heat exhaustion. But overall I had fun, got just a wee bit sunburned (I will take that over a bruise any day!) and I’m not sore! Possibly I might do this one again!

Onto the next!!


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