My story

I probably should have started out with this post I’ve shared my story before and I like to do so to help inspire others so here we go!

I started my weight loss journey in 2012.  A typical New Year’s resolution but my intent was to actually succeed. Before that, I was a yo-yo dieter. In early 2005-ish I joined Curves I took a weight loss class there and did fairly well. I ended up with a knee injury though and was out of the game for a while but got back on track until 2007 when my father got diagnosed with cancer and I quit going. 

In 2008, I joined my local YMCA but only went when my roommate did so it was rare. I would stress eat and also my problem was eating fast too. My prior job (telemarketing) was to blame because I only got 30 mintues to eat my supper and hurry back to the floor. Even at home I would shovel down my food like it was going out of style.  I’d even wait to get my food last during meal times at home but it did not help, my roommates would make jabs at me inhaling my food then going back for seconds.  I also drank tons of soda probably 4 cans a day?

However, I wouldn’t admit to having a problem until I would dread clothes shopping, I’d buy stuff and end up returning it because it wouldn’t fit.  At that time plus size clothing was rare and limited on styles.

My “A-ha” moment came around Christmas of 2011 when my dad had gotten me a sweater that was way too small I knew it right away before I tried it on. I was embarrassed to admit my size to anyone. I was an XXL close to a XXXL. I wore a size 18 in pants. Right then and there I knew I had to do something. My current weight was 217 pounds.

To discover that I was over 200 pounds was depressing! I couldn’t believe it. But the scale doesn’t lie. I set a huge goal to lose 50 pounds in 4 months by my birthday of April 27th. At that time I knew it was a crazy insane goal but I thought it was the only way I would stick with it. Because I would be good for a month then quit.

Basically I had to take my prior knowledge from the weight loss class and apply to my life. Actually reading labels, measuring food, watching what I ate cut, down on the junk, drink more water, exercise more the works.

The weight came off slowly. I usually lost on average about a pound a week which I discovered is the right way to do it.  I didn’t make to 50 pounds by my birthday I was probably half way? But I wasn’t disappointed I knew on I was on the right path. It actually took me until December of 2012 to lose all 50 pounds. I plateaued a lot which I will write about later.

The proof is in the picutres.

This is me in 2010 2 years before I started loosing weight:


And me now going on year three:




I was a size 18 in pants I am down to a size 12 and I was a XXL now I am large. My jean size in high school was 14 that was one of my goals to get down to that size I of course surpassed that.

I am working on loosing an additional 10 pounds to be at 60 which I am hoping I can knock out by the end of the year.  I will be writing more later on various subjects to help others!

Trust your journey. Work Hard and Never give up!!



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