Fit Girl Truths

This is a fun post about truths about being a fit girl:

1. Boob sweat is a real thing

2. Adding fruit/veggies to your water the norm

3. Being “crafty” is cutting up t-shirts into cute gym shirts

4. You have more than 1 pair of black workout pants

5. You amass a collection of water bottles, Tupperware, and ear buds (seriously I have three sets)

6. And you loose the Tupperware lids

7. Your lunch bag is bigger than your purse

8. Peanut butter is your go to cheat meal

9. You that one sports bra that is your one or you go to that keeps the girls in place

10. You actually cry when said bra is in the wash

11. Gym selfies are the norm

12. In your car it’s full of dirty socks, water bottles, and shoes.

13. You have more workout clothers than real clothes

14. Icy Hot replaces your perfume

15.  You have backup work out pants when the others are dirty

16. People who don’t re-rack their weights is your #1 pet peeve


Did I miss any?


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