Screwing up and admitting it

There are times in any fit journey where you “fall off the wagon”, you make bad choices, you skip a workout, and gained back some if not all the weight you successfully lost.  It happens so much in the weight loss/fit world more than you think.  I myself have screwed up a lot I’m a little “fluffier” tan I want to be but I am working on that!

So you’ve screwed up now what? Here’s my tips.

1. Admit you did it: Being honest with yourself is the first step. Saying okay I f***ed up (or screwed up whatever floats your boat). It takes “balls” admitting you’re wrong (I hate doing that sometimes) But once you said the weight is lifted off your shoulders and you can start over.

2. Find the solution to the problem: Easier said than done right? Ask yourself: Is it the way you’ve been eating? More unhealthy and more of treats? Maybe over eating? Are you drinking more pop or soda? Are you skipping your workouts? Or are you working out but doing it half-assed?

3. Change your habits:  Drink more water, eat better, toss out the junk, change up your workout, start a food diary, whatever it takes to get you back on track do it!

4. Forgive yourself.  As I mentioned before you’re human. We all screw up and we’re not perfect.

5. Do it for you:  You’re the reason to get healthy! Enough said.

6. Set goals: If you have any goals set write them down! If you have goals revisit them, make an inspiration board-do whatever it takes!

7. Don’t look at it as failure.  I don’t like that word. You didn’t fail. Just look at it as “bump in the road” or a “hiccup”

8. No Excuses! Simple as that.  Don’t eat junk food “just because” or I had a bad day. Remember your cheat days if you need them.

9. Never miss a Monday. I know it’s sound cliche but I’ve heard this over and over in the fit world, it makes perfect sense because Monday is the start of a fresh new week a chance to start over, I was tempted to skip Jazzercise yesterday because I got up too early, I was cleaning house and I still needed to meal prep but I have a goal to reach a 150 classes by October 29th (give or take there’s a new schedule coming out so more classes!) in Jazzercise to earn a t-shirt, besides I always feel good after my workout!

Last but not least (drumroll)

10. You GOT this!! If I can do it, you can do it! It doesn’t happen overnight, as I mentioned before, You will screw up, be patient, take time for yourself, keep working!

Did I miss anything? I hope this helps anyone who struggles because the struggle is real, No one said it would be easy but it’s worth it!!



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