The Truth about waist cinchers

*Note this post is my opinion again I’m not expert but I do have experience and some knowledge, I know what works and what doesn’t*

I’ve noticed on Instagram celebs posting picture of themselves in waist cinchers or corsets to “help shrink their waist” Also know as “Waist training”I sit there in disbelief going “WTF, Are they for real?” I know it’s an endorsement but do they know how many young girls are going to think this is a solution to their problems? These girls who look up to them as a role model are going to  think they need one, in the end it’s going to do more harm then good.

Here’s an article by a fellow fit blogger who is a NPC compettitor and has tried it I like her take on it.

I never thought about shrinking my waist with a corset. Infact I don’t know how women back in the 1900’s wore them!! Have you seen Pirates of Carribean? Elizabeth fainted from not being able to breathe!!

Here’s another article from News and Views from a doctor’s stand point.

I don’t have a small waist like Barbie. That was never my intent when I started losing weight sure I wanted to be a smaller size but I knew I had to work hard to achieve that. Plus I’m a curvy girl and even though they drive me crazy I love them. You know the saying “Honor your curves” it’s true.

It does happen. I was a size 18 and I am now a size 12 just shy of size 14 which is the typical size of most women and it was my size in high school.  I wished I could have measured more to know exactly how many inches I lost but I didn’t just by diet and excercise. Do I still have a tummy? Yes sadly but I am not going to use a product that could possibly harm me. The thought of squishing everything and not being able to breathe are a big NO in my book. The only time I would say this is ok if it’s a medical reason then I have no problems with it.

I know it’s all about image in society but is it really worth it?



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