Going at it alone

I’m on a Facebook group called We’re getting slim. A local man from Omaha named Jim founded the group after he lost over 200 pounds. Recently, a member wrote a post stating that he was leaving the group because he started out losing weight really well then got injured on the job so he gained all the weight back, then blamed Jim for his failure that “Jim wouldn’t help him” I don’t know Jim personally, but he seems like a great guy. All of us from the group we surprised because it has bee nothing but positive vibes (hence why I love the group) no negativity, straight up encouragement, we offer advice to another and support each other. Jim’s wife posted how busy he is and that this individual was coming over constantly more or less being a nuisance it would seem.

Jim had nothing negative to say about it he was straight up nice about the whole thing in fact he wrote his own post about his own situation here

When I started my weight loss journey soon to be three years ago, I did it alone. I had no workout buddy, or anyone to help me. I did get some advice from a few people and a virtual support group on Facebook but other than that I went at it alone.

Why? Because I am responsible for my weight gain. Nobody else did it but me. I made bad choices, I didn’t care, and it showed. I already wrote a post about screwing up so this goes along with that post. I knew that if I relied on someone, that if I screwed up or failed I would immediately blame them and I didn’t want that to happen. Now I don’t discourage having a workout buddy or an accountability buddy if that works for you great but remember this is for YOU. My other concern was that sadly people flake out on you it happens sometimes it’s beyond our control. I didn’t want to rely on anyone. This was all on me.

I’ve had to overcome a lot of obstacles to get here. I’m not perfect, I’m human I screwed up numerous times, I would eat horrible, skip my workout, and yes I’ve gained a little weight from time to time but it happens.  At first, when I gained weight I would be upset and sometimes I still do, but there are factors to it. You gain muscle when you lift, plus when the monthly visitor happens I tend to eat more, there’s other things that happen but I’ve learned not to take it too personally and just “let it go”. I just start over the next day like it never happened. It’s mind over matter.

Essentially it’s YOU vs. YOU. You are in your own competition. We our own worst enemies sometimes but we can get past it onto something great.

As The Rock says: “Be the hardest worker in the room”



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