Body Shaming is NOT OKAY

Writer’s note: This post is about being body positive no negative comments will be allowed.

About a two weeks ago, Nicole Arbour posted a lovely YouTube video entitled Dear Fat People. I happened to hear about on Twitter, so I looked it up. Well I was surprised and a bit dumbfounded. First that she would have the balls to post this let alone knowing that there would be serious back lash.

Before this video, I thought she was funny in fact, I enjoyed  Most offensive video ever because yeah, people nowadays get way more offended than back in the day. But after I watched this video I was like “Could she be more of a B?” Fat shaming has been on the rise more than ever. With social media being the culprit. It’s hard to be a young person in this day and age. I thank my lucky stars I grew up before that.

I’ve struggled with body image for years and still do this day. First off, I am a fit healthy 32 year old. But I still have curves, big boobs, stretch marks, and a bit of pooch from being heavy. I am a size 12 which is right below the average size of most females (14 is the normal size). So I’m not “fat” perse (although I disagree #thestruggleisreal) or really plus sized anymore. However, I know what it’s like to be picked on because of my weight. In fact, I’ve been skinny shamed too. Because I was choosing healthy options, or cutting my cheese burgers in half. Neither is okay in my book.

I wanted to write about it not to attack Nicole but just to give my opinion not make a video called Dear Skinny People. Like I said a lot of people were upset about her video and as they should be nobody wants to be picked on because of how they look.

The reason I lost weight because I wanted to. I was unhappy, not because somebody shamed me. This was all on me. I wasn’t comfortable with my body. I hated clothes shopping. Some full figured are happy the way they are and that is awesome. I wished I had their confidence. In fact a plus sized model rocked the runway at New York’s Fashion Week. That is amazing! I was the teenager looking at Seventeen and YM (old school here) that wished she looked like the models. I would compare myself to other girls because I wanted to be prettier. I get it. We all struggle some more than others.

I would never ever shame someone because of their body size. I wouldn’t go to someone who is full figured and say “Hey fatty go to the gym!” the same with a skinny sized person I wouldn’t  say “Hey skinny eat a freaking cheeseburger!” because everyone is different they have their own struggles. Plus I grew up in an different  enviroment than most people so I have a very strong acceptance of people of different sizes, shapes, color, disability, sexual orientation, etc. Let alone go on the internet and make a video of it.

The generation now is YouTube viewers so I’ve noticed.  I’m not sure how many younger people follow Nicole her content isn’t for the under 18 crowd but I’m sure their might be followers nonetheless. Some might look up to Nicole as a role model and she’s not being a very good one at that. Someone might look at that video and think the worse of themselves like as she said that they drip Crisco from their pores, and smell like sausage. Terrible.

No, they’re not likely to say “Hey because she posted a video calling me fat, I’m going to loose weight right now” Most are probably going to think even more horrible about themselves, and could lead to sad results. Not a up wake call.

To me I think FAT isn’t a nice word to say to anyone. Some people would disagree with and say that they don’t mind being called that word because they’ll say “Yes I am and I’m not ashamed” which again what I admire. If any of my friends were to say that I would say No, I think you’re beautiful or something along those lines. I use the terms “heavy” “plus sized” “full figured” or “curvy”.

As a future personal trainer, I want to help people become healthier and to achieve their goals like I did.

Remember to be kind to another in this world we need it.



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