About me

Welcome to The Fit Girl Files!!


My name is Mags and I became an official fit girl in 2012 when lost 50 pounds. I was unhappy with my body so I made the ever so popular New Year’s Resolution to loose weight once and for all.

I am currently on my 3rd year of keeping the weight off. I have maintained my weight since. Sure I’ve gained a little (it happens) but I am proud to say I have lost 50 pounds and never looked back. I simply dieted and exercised no magic pills, wraps-anything! Just plain old hard work.

I enjoy a fit lifestyle of working out at my local YMCA in Nebraska, I’ve been a member of Jazzericse for a year and a half, and I new member of Prairie Life Fitness. I also love to lift heavy and call myself glitter gainz. Girls can lift weights don’t let the hype fool you! 🙂

Currently, I’ve started my journey to become a Certified Personal Trainer, I am attending school 4 days a week, and juggling a graveyard job too!

In my spare time when I’m not sleeping, at school, work or the gym. I like to craft I am an artist, I love superheroes, rockabilly/pinup style, and I have a cat named Stark.

I will share stories from my journey, share some healthy recipes, and write about body confidence. I’m no expert (yet) but this all based on my experience and what works for me. Take your spin on it .



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