Hitting rock bottom (and coming back from it)

It’s already the mid-term of school and starting next week, I will have a 3rd class on Mondays and Wednesdays in the afternoon. So that’s getting me home somewhere around 4:30 in the afternoon. Yikes! On top of that, I’m trying to sleep for my overnight shift, and throw in additional stress from said job into the mix, oh and not to mention piling up dishes (resulting in using plastic silverware and paper plates, garbage, clean laundry that spends the entire week on the floor instead of being put away, last but not least I am struggling in one of my classes.

Welcome to COLLEGE LIFE 102. The advanced grown up version where it’s 10 times harder because you don’t have anyone else to rely on to do the other things for you #singleforlife it hasn’t been easy. Stressed is an understatement at this point.

It wasn’t until Friday morning after a marathon of sleep, I foolishly stepped on the scale to discover I put on weight. More weight than I have in the two and half years that I’ve been keeping it off. Needless to say I was devastated! I was doing the wrong things I promised myself no eating junk which I had twice that week among other things. I try not to keep a lot of junk in my home but I do have cookies (I try not to each them as much) but I did eat more fast food than I should have usually I do once on the weekends and that’s it.  Plus I drank more pop than I should too (I’ve cut down to about a can a week). Not good!

Working out has been less expect I have been in my introduction to Personal Training class on Tuesdays and Thursdays so that’s helped. I thought I would be able to squeeze in Jazzercise on my nights off but I have been so tired.

I have hit complete and total rock bottom. It’s hard to admit that. I’ve been wanting to write a post about motivation and how to gain it back, but it’s hard to stay motivated yourself when you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.

So how to do you stay motivated? It’s not easy for sure. But like anything else you have to take it one day at a time.  The first step is admitting you screwed up like I’ve mention in my posts before owing up to the mistakes, then fixing said mistakes. I know what to do and how do it just have to pick myself up and dust myself off, then keep going. Self care is so important!!  I came across this quote from one of my favorite superheroes Wonder Woman it’s very fitting:

Wonder Woman

That’s the beauty of a new day or a new week. It’s the chance to start over. I will come back stronger than ever.



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