School the first term: A recap

Last Tuesday I finished my first semester of school. I can honestly say it was definitely a rough one! There was a lot of tears, lack of sleep, missing Jazzercise class, sore muscles from workouts with student trainers, failed exams, criticism of looking uncomfortable working out in the gym (yeah that happened) stress, weight gain (ugh)  and winding up in the emergency room (more on that later). On top of balancing a full time job overnights too!  I was almost to the point of withdrawing.

I gave it some thought, and decided to go part-time two days a week as opposed to going four days. That way I can have more of  a normal schedule during the week than just having my nights off. Then I won’t fall behind of my household chores, I can get better sleep, and I catch up on my Jazzercise classes!

As I took my last final Tuesday, I noticed something. We started with a small class of 4-5 students and then we were down to 2 students. I want to be here for better or for worse. Giving up is not really an option. I am paying to get an education, I drive 45 minutes back and fourth to attend classes.  If it takes me longer to complete I’m okay with that. My health and sanity are more important.

Hopefully that means I can post more too!

Have a great week!



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