A wake up call

A week ago, I was visiting a gym in the Omaha area  for school this was before we had actual class. (This was a typical practice every week so we can get a feel of different gyms that we can possibly work at in the future.) I made my usual 45 minute drive to the gym which was Fitness and Beyond  in case you were wondering.

I was happy to have arrived early as usual before the other student and the instructor no less. I chilled for a bit then we went in for the tour and meet the owner. The tour was short and sweet, we began to listen to the owner’s story of how she got into personal training. When I started to feel funny. I had been feeling off for the past week, but took it as stress and just kept an eye on it. I felt hot, light headed, I remember doing leg lifts preventing my legs from going stiff, I thought about well asking to use the bathroom cause I really had to pee (TMI I know) I was afraid if I sat down I was being lazy (stupid again I know), I heard a rushing sound in my ears and then I was out. The next thing I remember my main instructor was asking if I was okay, and six people were standing over me.

Then the questions:

Did you eat something? Duh. I’m no fool. I’m in class for four hours that’s a long time without fueling your body so I’ve become a breakfast person. In fact I believe that was the day I lost my bowl of raisin bran to my cat (he knocked the bowl off the counter while I was getting milk) and I had a glass of orange juice.

Was I okay? I seemed to be I wanted to get up off the floor but no dice the owner called 911. Yippee.

Then repeating the same answers to paramedics as the put me on a stretcher to take me to an ER. I thought all this fuss over me?

Truth be told this isn’t the first time this had happened. A year ago I was at a Relay For Life meeting when I was speaking in front of an audience and I went down. I even knew I wasn’t feeling good because I was sitting down prior to that.

I’m basically a healthy person for the most part. I don’t drink often, smoke, don’t do drugs, etc. No I’m not pregnant either (TMI but I had just ended my cycle a day before this happened). It’s called vasovagal syncope Yup I even got the information from Mayo Clinic in short it’s caused by stress. And believe me I had the stress. I know you can faint from just about anything even not eating which is why I’m pretty careful to avoid since I do workout usually after work before I go to the gym to prevent something like that from happening.

The really frustrating part was being accused by a friend because that I was eating less that I wasn’t getting proper nutrition. Even though I watch what I eat I still pay attention to what goes into my body. I eat plenty of fruits and veggies, heck I was drinking orange juice for vitamin C and I started taking vitamins.

One of the most important things in starting your weight loss journey, is to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. It will tell you when things don’t feel right. And that’s exactly what happened to me. My body was saying “Hey we’re going into burnout here”.

Like I said I was stressed, I was struggling in said class I fainted in, I also had another class in the afternoon that day, I worked overnight prior to that so I had yet to sleep, and oh not to mention I had to give a presentation after the tour (the joke was I was trying to get out of doing it). Stress thy name is Mags.

As a future personal trainer it’s important that I take care of myself too I have to be a good example to my clients, plus my instructor put as a learning experience that I’ll know what to do if my client has the same symptoms.

Yes I am okay, I did take the rest of the week to recover. Also, I decided to go to school part time as opposed to going full time (more on that later). I thought that would definitely  help reduce my stress level. I will post more on listening to your body, and rest days in the future.

Stay healthy!



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