Goals or lack there of

Wow.  In just one month 2015 will be over. Are you like me and thinking wasn’t it just January? Did you make any resolutions? If so have you done any? Or have like most typical people forget them after February first?

I stopped making “resolutions” I changed them to goals. I felt goals were more achievable than resolutions were because let’s face it most people are bound to forget about their resolutions either two weeks into the new year or as I mentioned February 1st. But if you set goals you’re more likely to keep them some people prefer monthly goals for themselves, whatever works for you.

So I made my goals for 2015  and I created a vision board (cause I’m creative like that) and made a list of “goals” for 2015. This is different than resolutions because you tend to keep goals as opposed to resolutions. Or at least I do anyways. They ranged from healthy/fit goals just to stuff in general. I hung on the door of my cereal cupboard (Up high) so I would see all the time. The other day I crossed out items off my list (note in the picture I crossed out three but it’s actually two)


Run 2 5K’s   Actually I ran 3

Get back into school   Done.

Do more home cooked meals does sort of count?

Only two and a half? How is that even possible? What about my other goals?

150 Jazzercise classes for the t-shirt (I just made a 125 classes about 2 weeks ago?)

Work on upper body? I’m trying on that.

Do a pull up? Does kind of count? It’s been the aid of a machine

Reach goal weight of 60 pounds? Yeah that HASN’T happened. Talk about frustrating!

Let’s face it 2015 has been a rough year.

Does that mean I failed? Nope.

I can look at these as positives.

*I did reach 125 Jazzercise classes

*I got a start on working on my upper body and that takes time

*I just started school so my schedule has been hectic trying to get into the groove

*I did cook quite a bit not as much as I have liked to but nobody’s perfect.

*The year isn’t over yet

So I decided to make 3 goals to complete by December 31st:

*Reach 150 Jazzercise classes with some configuring I can actually make this by mid December but I given myself some leeway just in case.

*Loose 10 pounds

* Get my weight loss inspired tattoo (my anniversary is 12/3/12)

Simple yet manageable goals. Then I know when I toot my horn at 12:00am on 1/1//16 I know 2015 wasn’t a total loss. I can re-vamp those goals and start all over again.

Do you have any goals you made? It’s not too late to achieve them! You got this!



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