Baby steps

There is a Facebook  page that I follow called Jim Gettin’ Slim He’s a local weight loss champion and he recently wrote a post about stress eating. You have to scroll down if you want to see it I tried to link it up but no avail. Anyways he hit the nail on the head.

I am stress eater.

No surprise there actually. My entire life hasn’t been easy but that’s the source of where all the weight I gained came from. As Jim said it is an eating disorder. I started stress eating pretty young I can remember it well. But I would have never admitted to having a problem. My college years (the first time)  had to be the worse, I ate like a college student junk food, fast food (all the major ones were either in walking or driving distance), you name it went down my gullet. I did not care. I dated off and on during that time and when we finally called it quits for good, food was my comfort.

Even after loosing all the weight the problem does not magically go away sadly. It can rear it’s ugly head at any time. It’s why I fell backwards enough for me to notice and to do something about it.

All is not lost.

Yesterday, I started over. I had been sick with the flu part of the week, so I did some self care first you know strip my bedding, clean the bathroom etc, then  I took out the rest of my frozen chicken to cook up, made my meal for work tonight, and I threw out the junk food that was holding me back.  I even got rid of the leftover Halloween candy that I had taken from my dad’s house shamefully. I didn’t want anymore of it.

As I’ve always said admitting you’ve screwed up is the first step. Then the following (yes you’ve heard them before):

Forgiving yourself. We’re all human we screw up but we’re hardest on ourselves.

Get back on track. This includes meal prep I didn’t meal prep at all last week or this week and that is a key factor in staying on track. Also staying on top of keeping track of what you’re eating by writing it down or using My Fitness Pal.

Get rid of the junk food. Easier said than done I try not to buy any extra goodies I do once in awhile but I keep out of site and out of mind. But this time they all went out the door.

Get back to the gym! I’ve been missing my workouts because of being sick but I plan to go back at hit it Friday!

Drink plenty of water. Sounds crazy but good old water is a great detox it will flush out all the yuck in your body.

And always remember not to give up! We got this!



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