Weekly update

It’s Wednesday! Time for a weekly update! I decided to do these on Wednesdays since I posted my last one last Wednesday just made sense 🙂

My weight did not change again which I am okay with. I did attend a double Jazzercise class Saturday which I don’t do very often due to my schedule BUT I am finally down to single digits on reaching my 150th class 9 to go!!

Friday morning I am hoping to hit the Y in the early morning for leg day and then Jazzercise later. Then to repeat that Monday morning.

Weekly Positives: Attending Jazzercise 4 times this week.

Not gaining anything!

School even though is harder I am glad that I went part time! My stress level isn’t as high!
What I am looking forward to this weekend: Is the Jazzercise Christmas party! It’s going to be FUN!!

Have a great rest of the week!




One thought on “Weekly update

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    I’d love for you to try out some Myprotein products to feature on your blog. As well as different protein powders, like our bestseller Impact Whey Protein, we make single-ingredient peanut butter, supplements, fitness wear and protein treats. Let me know what you’d like to try and I’ll get them out to you! Look forward to speaking with you soon!

    Thanks again!


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