Weekly update

Last two weeks were terrible. I gained back two pounds. The worst part was I had ordered a skirt for the Jazzercise Christmas party and it did not fit. Talk about disappointment!!

Then I remembered:

*Pin up sizes run a tad smaller.

*It’s a minor set back

*Keep moving forward and fit into that skirt!

Current weight 177 so I am a bit up and I lost about one pound (I was around 178 prior). I’ve decided to start this week a bit of a cleanse/detox and I’m going to give Keto a try.  Basically it’s less carbs.  You eat more fats, etc. I’ve done my research and I’ve heard great results so I thought I would at least try it during Christmas break. Which is after tomorrow!!!

With Christmas this week I’m not too worried about cheating there hasn’t been a lot of temptation this year.

Positives: Did double Jazzercise classes Saturday

Goal this week : I have 4 classes left until my 150 and close to getting my make up bag too. I am hoping to squeeze in another double class I’m hoping Wednesday or depending when I get out of class Tuesday I may go then. But if I play my cards right I can have both on Christmas Eve!!

I will update on the Keto thing as I go!

Have a great Christmas!


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