My 150th

Brace yourself! Long post!

Christmas Eve 2015 was the best day EVER!

I reached my 150th Jazzercise class!

Before I get any further, let me tell you my story about Jazzercise:

I was in year 2 of my weight loss journey in 2014, and I was getting tired of the same old gym routine. Go to the Y, cardio for 10-3o minutes, then lifting alternating between leg and arm day. I was in a serious rut! I had done a few classes at the Y such as Zumba but honestly, I started not enjoy the class. Now don’t get me wrong some people swear by it however it just wasn’t for me. One thing I tried to stay in the back but would get eeked out and have to move up a row (sidebar which I hated I didn’t want anyone to see me!!)

The other the instructor wasn’t much of one she would just take off dancing and expect you follow along no guidance whatsoever (she was wearing a headset too!) I would feel loss like “how in the heck am I supposed to do that?” She also did not socialize with anyone or just “certain” people, she relied on CD’s not an I-pod or something to create a mix, so between songs there was a minute wait! Don’t even get me started on the mirrors! I hated to see myself as well. Last but not least, the only time I could to Zumba was on Saturdays late in the morning, thanks to my work schedule I couldn’t attend the other classes.

That lead me to Jazzercise  anyone remember it from the 80’s? Well it’s still around and better than ever!! Thanks to the powers of social media I was able to find a friend who was a member and she took me on their free days. I had so much fun that I immediately signed up!! I can be spontaneous when I want to be! 🙂 I went as often as I could. Classes were conveniently at 8:30am most days. In July that year on a particular Saturday, I had reached 25 classes and the instructor announced like it was some old big deal, everyone cheered while I was dumbfounded until I learned that at Jazzercise attendance matters! They hold a year round game that if you make 150 classes by from January 1 to December 31, you get a free t-shirt! Sweet right? Needless to say due to some conflicts I wouldn’t reach 150 by December 31, 2014. However my goal for 2015 was to make 150 classes. I even proudly wrote it on a resolution snowflake and placed it on the bulletin board of our Jazzercise studio.

One thing about me, I tend to be quiet/shy in certain situations and places. I know right? That’s how I was when first joining Jazzercise. I kept to myself mostly. I thought to myself what do I have in common with these women? Besides the fact I love Jazzercise, and I love a good workout? Most the women in my 8:30am classes are stay at home mom’s with little ones at home, and they’re married. I am the single, motherless, night owl, crazy cat lady, who likes to get her workout in after a hard days night (see what I did there?), who often wears mismatched socks to class superhero and quirky gym shirts. I felt really out of place because conversations before class were about their kiddos, husbands or whatever was going on in their world. What was so exciting about me?

2015 started out pretty good until Mother Nature put a halt to that. We had an attendance game we started in the spring (we do others beside the 150 classes) to reach 35 classes by a certain date for another cute top. There were several snow days that cancelled my class and I wasn’t able to go at 5:30pm because that was my sleeping time. I was bummed that I wasn’t going to get that shirt plus I cant double up on classes like some of the girls can. I was lucky to attend one class a morning!  However I kept pushing getting 25, and 50 classes under my belt. Which leads me to the summer, where another attendance game started this time it was with a partner and we had to get 70 classes in a month’s time. My partner who was a regular at 8:30 she and I would chat often. She was going to be on vacation for awhile and asked if I was sure I wanted her as a partner. I still didn’t know a lot of the girls well enough to have anyone else so I told her it was no problem.

Between the two of us we made it! Right before the contest was over we were one of the last sets of partners to get the bags. It was a huge victory for me not only that I got up to 100 classes as well! Only 50 more to go!

Soon summer was over and I started school. Which meant giving up daily Jazzercise classes. I had a grand plan to go on my nights off work but I would only make to one class a week because school was draining. I missed Jazzercise a lot! I would talk about it a lot in school! And I was starting to make a few friends but school came first. I thought there was no way I would make 150 now.

After fall term was over, I could go a bit more to class since I was on my break, but importantly, I decided to go part time so that I meant I could squeeze in more classes!! Then came the fateful day I made 125 classes!! I was set on getting the shirt now! I serious made a countdown calendar with chalk duck tape:


Right before the BIG day. I was down to about four classes. I was doubling on Saturdays (7am and 8:30am) it was the only time I could do it. If you remember we have another attendance game for a cute cosmetic bag for 20 classes by December 24th. Combined with how many days I had left to get a 150 was 4.  To be completely honest I wasn’t too concerned about not getting the cosmetic bag, I was more focused on my shirt. But one of the class mangers a good friend of mine was encouraging.  She said if I just did one more double class right before the deadline (December 24th) I could get both in ONE DAY.

ONE DAY!! It sounded crazy because  I had my final on Tuesday and I just wasn’t sure I could pull it off I had to think creatively and it also meant having to get up early possibly one of those days to attend the evening class. If things didn’t workout the way I planned!

I gave myself until Wednesday to do the double class just in case I couldn’t pull it off Monday or Tuesday which turned out to be the case. I attended my regular class Monday, Tuesday I didn’t get out early (well if you count 5 minutes!) so Wednesday was the day! Of course the evening class was Strike (a kick boxing style class) so that meant working my booty out harder!

Then the day arrived. Christmas Eve 150th day! I got off work to a snow storm!! This was not in the plan!! Insert panic mode! I prayed class would not be canceled!! I got ready and watched the Jazzercise Facebook page like a hawk. I left WAY early so I could make it on time. Sure enough we still had class and well the picture says it all:



And here’s me with my “toning partner” (from this summer) who got one of the last bags too!

Both photos courtesy of Jazzercise Fremont


Still with me? I’m almost done I promise!!

Moral of the story is first of course is to Never give up when you set your goals go get them!!! Even if you feel like you’re going to fail you have friends to back you up! Thank you to the Jazzercise instructors, managers, and other classmates for the encouragement! I love Jazzercise more than anything on this planet. It’s a great workout and I workout with great people!!

Here’s t0 200 classes in 2016!!!




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