2016 Goals and word of the year

Happy New Year!

Well here we are 2016. I am really hoping this year will be great! I have set a lot of fit/healthy goals along with personal ones. But I am sharing the fit ones on here.  I also have a word for 2016 too:



My word is Achieve. I have a friend who is a keep collective  rep and she made this mock up pretty cool huh?

Why I chose Achieve. Simple. If I can believe it, I can achieve it!

Now onto those goals:

  1. 200 Jazzercise classes. This might be a bit tough once I’m back in school but there’s another goal that will help me reach this! (see #10) One down 199 to go!
  2. Trek up Tower 2/20/16 Training starts now!
  3. Loose additional weight (plus extra) to reach 60 pound loss. I have been struggling to loose the additional weight plus anything I’ve gained since then I have to do the numbers but I’m hoping I can do it!
  4. Take a new fit class (kick boxing or spin) I haven’t done any new classes in awhile as much as I love Jazzercise I need to expand my horizons a bit and try some new stuff!
  5. Continue to work upper strength = going up a weight in Jazzercise. Last year my goal was to do a pull up. Well I sort of did some with the help of the machine but not free style. I want to continue with that and in Jazzercise we use free weights I went a size last year (6 pounds) my goal is 7 or maybe 8?
  6. Learn how to bench press. I think this will help with upper body strength
  7. Do at least two other 5K’s. I’d like to do the insane inflate 5K again even though it was hot it was a lot of fun. Possibly another color one as well.
  8. No pop. This one is tough! I think in 2013 I went two solid months without it? If anything I am about a once a week pop person but I want to scale it back and cut it out completely. I stop buying it at home for a while so that helps.
  9. Learn to do a side plank no knees. These are super hard! We do them often in Jazzercise and I have to use one knee to help me stay up. I want to be able to do them without knees!
  10.  Try to go to two Jazzercise classes or the gym in one day. It can be done! I’ve done doubles recently and it’s not so bad as I thought. Since I will be doing the Trek, I need to do some serious leg training and plus stair climbing, I need to go to the regular gym at least once a week along with Jazzercise for good balance.

Here’s my vision board all neon and ready to go!



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