Weekly check in

Current Weight: 177

This week has been rough. My aunt unexpectedly passed away so I have been dealing with family and have only made it to Jazzercise twice this week. The weather has been a factor as well since it snowed Thursday into Friday.

However, I have been drinking more water and it’s been a week since I’ve last had a pop so that’s the positives.

I haven’t bought any bread in awhile either I still have carbs on my cheat days but I try not to go haywire.

Speaking of Jazzercise, I have decided to keep track of my classes in order to reach my goal of 200. I have a small marker board so every time I attend a class I will give it a mark and then add up the total for the month.

Goals for the week: Attend Jazzercise at least 3 times this week. Also attend the Y to lift and plus get an updated class schedule so I can figure out possibly to attend a new class.

Have a great weekend and a next week will be better!




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