Reaching your goals-a break down

Today I thought I’d share a break down on how I am reaching one of my goals for 2016  which is 200 Jazzercise classes:

Go to Jazzercise!

Duh that’s a no brainier of course! I want to go at least 3 times a week. If I go more great, double classes even better. I’m still easing back into a routine with Jazz because I didn’t go much last week, plus I also want to alternate 1-2 days a week for the Y to focus more on my lifting since Tuesday I will be a month out from Trek up the Tower. And I need to start focusing on training.

Keep track!

Again it’s an obvious that I need to stay on top of keeping track of when I go. Yes they do keep track at Jazzercise of course but for my benefit I want to know how many more classes to go until I reach my goal so I can focus on going when I don’t feel like it (a HUGE problem last year) so yes it’s motivation. I keep track two ways one is in my day runner (I’m old school) with a star for each time I go to class.  The other way is a marker board on my fridge. I decided for each month I would to a tally mark for each day I attend class then have a total for the month:


Soon it will be fuller 🙂

The cool part is some of my classmates have mentioned keeping track themselves too so it’s nice to know I’ve rubbed off 🙂

I will be doing a weekly check in later this week!





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