How much exercise should you get?



Ah the age old topic!

As I’ve mentioned before, in Jazzercise we do challenges throughout the year besides the 150 challenge. We just did 20 classes by December 24th. I barely made that one!

In February, we are doing our annual “35 classes in 30 days challenge” this one you get a sweet tank top. During class Friday, the instructor mentioned that there was a limit on how many classes you can attend each day. Some were doing 3 classes a day!! That’s a little much if you ask me for a silly little cosmetic bag? Or a tank top? Come on.

It got me thinking however just how exercise is enough? This is 100% my opinion and being a future personal trainer this is advice I’d give my future potential clients.

Typically on average you should at least workout for 3o minutes 3 times a week. Jazzercise is an hour which is fine as well but for beginners 30 is good. Once a day is good too. IF you do twice a day space it out so you’re not overwhelming yourself. I like to do double Jazzercise classes once in awhile I haven’t yet in 2016 but my plan is soon at least once a week if possible.  But don’t go overboard! I hear these stories of body builders going so many times a day and I’m like why?? It is not necessary. I can be competitive at times and with my crazy schedule, I’m happy if I get to Jazzercise 3 times a week it’s a good week if I get 4 in.  I could NEVER

You’re at the risk of injury for starters, plus you’re not giving your body time to recover and recuperate from exercise because you’re working muscles they get tired too.

Here is a good article if you want a little more information on it.

Remember to enjoy your workout, don’t go bat shit crazy with it.




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