Weekly update

Well there isn’t much to update. I’ve been cooped up for 2 days with no Jazzercise 8:30am classes because of the weather. It put me in a bad mood! I can do indoor exercises but I like to get out one day is my limit of staying in so anymore is tough!

Luckily they’ve adjusted our 35 days challenge for us but still I was hoping to go everyday this week so much for that! Luckily there is class today so I can go then, Friday, Saturday and possibly Sunday. Next week, I’m on vacation so I plan to take advantage of going twice a day.

I didn’t weigh in this week since I had a majorly bad weekend of bad choices which I ended up getting an upset stomach over it. I plan to write a post about my recovery on that.

Also, I did not purchase any yogurt for my meal prep last week which is a shock because it has been my go to in my prep for work. It has been my crutch for so long. So I’m trying to ween myself off of it. I have found some recipes on Pinterest that will help aide in this. Not saying that yogurt is a bad thing but I’ve gotten into a rut with it.

While I’m on vacation, I will be absent on here so I will be back to posting when I return!




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