Weekly update

So this happened yesterday:


I got 25 Jazzercise classes!! Pretty exciting to reach this milestone. As you know my goal is 200 classes this year and that means I have 175 to go!

I finally got back into solid meal prepping this week. I have a short week at work but I still want to be on point with prep. It can be hard sometimes!

Goals for the week: Attend Jazzercise every day this week including a double on either Friday or Saturday.Ā  The 25 classes in 30 days challenge is getting close to the deadline so I’ve done my figuring to meet my goal by next Thursday March 3rd! I will be starting classes again later in March so it’s crunch time.

Have a great week!!




2 thoughts on “Weekly update

  1. Congrats!!!

    Great idea for a challenge. And you’re doing much better than me.

    I purchased 4 YOGA kickboxing classes for Feb, and I haven’t done one yet šŸ˜›
    Now I’ll have to squeeze them all into the last week and see if I can survive šŸ™‚


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