Weekly Check in and new gadget

Well last week goals didn’t go as planned. Thursday I went to Blake Shelton, got home really late, slept maybe two hours so no double Jazzercise classes, (I wound up sleeping all day) at all. I did go for a 7am class Saturday which I am glad for but I didn’t stay for a double because I need to grocery shop. I ate all the bad food too.

But it is what it is and I will move on from it.

Some good news is I got a brand new fit gadget! Drum roll:



I invested in a Garmin vivofit. I had previously a Misfit Flash it was good up until the wrist band broke, I kept using the clip on device the damn thing stop syncing so I’ve been without one for almost a year one of things I do around spring at work is the Iditarod challenge (starting Friday!) which is a dog sled race but we do walking, running, biking, swimming etc to count steps to race other teams to the finish line. It’s really fun and it will keep me motivated the next couple of months.

Goals for this week: Attended Jazzercise everyday (without fail) this week with a possible double on Thursday (I’m off that day). I have 6 classes to go until I reach the tank top!!

Have a great week!





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