Weekly update!


I made it!!

I completed the 25 day class challenge! It meant having to attend everyday this week including a double on Thursday evening (the morning class was a Strength one). This is why I love Jazzercise we’re always doing challenges to keep us motivated! I am super bummed that I start classes Monday so I won’t be able to go to Jazzercise everyday like I have been (I have been on-line during the winter to avoid the drive to Omaha in the snow!) plus last year I didn’t make the challenge so it was important for me to hammer out this goal.

The other awesome thing is that I got 10 more classes in which brings me to 35 classes which means only 165 more till I reach 200 classes!!

Today is a rest day even though I usually Jazzercise on Saturdays after attending an extra class I need a break! My plan is to go Sunday which I have never done a class before.

Also the Iditarod at work has started Friday which goes until the end of April I want to do my best for my team so we can actually win! That would be awesome!!

I have given myself a break from the scale this week.

Goals for the week: Attend at least 3 Jazzercise classes this week. Besides school starting I have to babysit Friday morning after morning which is my usual Jazzercise time.

Stay on task with meal prep. I will be sharing a snack prep post later on for what I take to school.


I will be sharing a review on my Garmin vivofit later this week so stay tuned for it!!

Have a great week!





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