Weekly update!


I am back to doing my weekly updates! Yay!

Last week was a pretty stressful one in where I had a full on ugly cry break down. My summer semester is winding down I have about a week and a day to go plus a five page paper to write due next Friday (no pressure!) Can I have a vacation?

With that said my workout and eating have taken a huge back seat. I have been sick a lot this summer with non stop sinuses and then I had an upset stomach last week. My motivation has hit an all time low and my desire to workout has left.

It truly sucks.

All you can do is ease yourself back into the swing of things and most importantly:

Forgive yourself! Easier said than done right?

I have joined a clean eating Facebook group ran by one of my friends I am hoping that helps me stay on track and gives me some new recipes to try!

Trek up the tower for 2017 date has been set! I’ve decided that I will take part again next year as I would like to train harder for it and beat my time. Early bird registration is in November so that’s when I will start my training that gives me about 3 months to prepare! I’ve also decided to weigh in once a month as opposed to weekly. Next month might be a small 15-year reunion with some of my classmates from high school so I have a goal to loose 5 pounds by then that’s a month! I think that is doable!

Goals for the week:

*Try a new recipe

*Get back into Jazzercise 3 times this week (Wed, Fri and Sat)

*Go to the Y at least once

*Get some walking in

Have a great week!!



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