Weekly Update!


Well I am officially done with school for the week now. I get a short break before I start up again after labor day! It’s crazy that I have been in school for a year now! Let me tell you it hasn’t been an easy ride. A lot of stress, tears, failing and repeating a class  plus a trip to the ER! After my first fall semester last year, I decided to go part time only because it was too much of a load for me to juggle school four days a week, a full time job, and trying to sleep 7-6 hours as opposed 8-9 that I’m used to. Plus I was barely making it to Jazzercise. Now that classes are over I can ease back into my routine.

And yet I still have another year to go before I finish! Everyone says it will go fast but honestly I felt it has dragged in some parts!

My HS reunion is set for October so that gives me more time to drop a few pounds! I know it doesn’t matter but I have been in such a funk for a long time that this would help lift me out of it!

I only get one day off this week tomorrow and then I have the long holiday weekend to work. Not looking forward to it because it’s less rest for me. It is what it is though!

No goals for the week I am just going to take it easy!

Stay tuned for a self-care post!




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