Weekly update


Today starts my fall semester of school and I’ve been in school officially one year. This semester I have to train the new students-the same position I was in last year when I started!! I have the pre first day of school jitters.

I have been working since Friday and still 3 more nights to go. My sinuses acted up again Sunday night and all morning Monday my nose is sore! The only positive is that I got 10,000 steps in!

I still have yet to ease back into my workout routine. I have been thinking about hiring my own trainer to help me get motivated still on the fence and money has been tight for awhile. So we’ll see!

I have non stop meal prepped as well. Since I have been working so many nights, I’ve had to prep more than just Friday and Saturday. I made taco meat to get me through the rest of the work week and taco salad is my go to. Also I had put together chicken Parmesan in the crock pot Monday for me and my friend for lunch but he ended up not having any so I have my lunches for the rest of the week. Also I have a squash to cook shooting for Wednesday to put that together!

So my goal for the week is actually to menu plan! I have never done it before I just go with the flow but I am going to attempt it to see if it will help me in the long run. I have been back on not eating out during the week as much as I had been but I want to reduce eating frozen meals on my class days when I get home late in the afternoon. I actually only bought two of them the last grocery shopping trip to break that habit.

Also I have some new recipes I am eager to try along with a new food prep option which I am really excited to put my spin on it!

Have a great week!




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