An update!

Hello! Sorry I haven’t written in awhile but there hasn’t been a lot to say. I have had a really tough time with things. I just finished a really rough semester (seems to be the trend!) of school. It gave me a lot of emotions to deal with especially with being so foreign with the gym.

I was told numerous times that I don’t feel comfortable being in a gym setting which I felt was a personal insult to me! I have been a member of the YMCA since 2008 and even though I haven’t gone as much as I’ve liked lately, I agree and disagree with that. The gym my school uses is Prairie Life Fitness in Omaha which is just a few blocks from Campus. But for me it’s a good 45 minutes away, why would I drive 45 minutes to go workout when I have a gym not even 2 minutes away from me? Heck there’s even one across the street! I can understand being uncomfortable with PLF because I don’t go there enough to feel comfortable there I’ve only gone with class when it’s required. The Y I feel comfortable enough there because I do know most of the equipment and I’ve been a member for so long. The other uncomfortable part for me is knowing workouts. I spent last semester programing workouts for “clients” (the new students) and I had to DIG deep to find workouts that can be done in many, many different ways. But a lot of workouts I don’t know well enough because I don’t do them or know how to do them properly. That’s a stumbling block for me. I know it. I need to overcome it!

But I have been so tired, stressed, sick, and a little depressed that my workouts have taken a complete back seat. I haven’t Jazzercised in 2 months! I am on the fence about ending my membership for the time being and just solely focusing on the Y again and reacquainted with workouts and variations of them.  It’s tough because I ❤ Jazzercise so much it was there when I needed a change and I enjoyed my time there. In order to be a good trainer I need to have that knowledge of the gym which I admit I do lack a little. I have been an observer in the gym for quite sometime and I’ve learned by watching others. So I have to be well rounded when it comes to workouts and how to manipulate them.

My newest class is conditioning which is what athletes do.  Unfortunately I have zero experience in that field because I never was one so it might be a weak point to me. I am going to try my darnedest to succeed at this even if it is foreign to me.

In other news, my weight hasn’t changed for 3 months, my HS reunion came and went, I felt really good about myself then. Which again for me is something hard to come by. I still struggle a lot with confidence especially in the gym too. Menu planning didn’t go well past the third week. I learned it’s not for me and that’s okay. I gave it the old college try and I will keep doing what I have been. I do need to get back on prep which went wayside after vacation.

What else? Oh Trek up the Tower registration has opened so once payday happens Friday I am signing up all on my own. I really want to beat my time from last year. I am loosely planning to start training soon I am hoping by the end of this week/starting next week I can get started on it! I now have a better idea of how to approach it!

That’s it for now. I am hoping to be back with posts soon. Just keep me in your thoughts!





Weekly update!


I made it!!

I completed the 25 day class challenge! It meant having to attend everyday this week including a double on Thursday evening (the morning class was a Strength one). This is why I love Jazzercise we’re always doing challenges to keep us motivated! I am super bummed that I start classes Monday so I won’t be able to go to Jazzercise everyday like I have been (I have been on-line during the winter to avoid the drive to Omaha in the snow!) plus last year I didn’t make the challenge so it was important for me to hammer out this goal.

The other awesome thing is that I got 10 more classes in which brings me to 35 classes which means only 165 more till I reach 200 classes!!

Today is a rest day even though I usually Jazzercise on Saturdays after attending an extra class I need a break! My plan is to go Sunday which I have never done a class before.

Also the Iditarod at work has started Friday which goes until the end of April I want to do my best for my team so we can actually win! That would be awesome!!

I have given myself a break from the scale this week.

Goals for the week: Attend at least 3 Jazzercise classes this week. Besides school starting I have to babysit Friday morning after morning which is my usual Jazzercise time.

Stay on task with meal prep. I will be sharing a snack prep post later on for what I take to school.


I will be sharing a review on my Garmin vivofit later this week so stay tuned for it!!

Have a great week!




Weekly Check in and new gadget

Well last week goals didn’t go as planned. Thursday I went to Blake Shelton, got home really late, slept maybe two hours so no double Jazzercise classes, (I wound up sleeping all day) at all. I did go for a 7am class Saturday which I am glad for but I didn’t stay for a double because I need to grocery shop. I ate all the bad food too.

But it is what it is and I will move on from it.

Some good news is I got a brand new fit gadget! Drum roll:



I invested in a Garmin vivofit. I had previously a Misfit Flash it was good up until the wrist band broke, I kept using the clip on device the damn thing stop syncing so I’ve been without one for almost a year one of things I do around spring at work is the Iditarod challenge (starting Friday!) which is a dog sled race but we do walking, running, biking, swimming etc to count steps to race other teams to the finish line. It’s really fun and it will keep me motivated the next couple of months.

Goals for this week: Attended Jazzercise everyday (without fail) this week with a possible double on Thursday (I’m off that day). I have 6 classes to go until I reach the tank top!!

Have a great week!




Weekly update!

Current Weight 173

Hi! I know it’s been awhile I was on vacation last week and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I was able to do attend 4:30pm Jazzercise class two days during the week and I also was able to do two double classes one on Tuesday then another on Saturday. With almost everyone doing the challenge it’s pretty busy at classes especially at 4:30pm I was impressed! Also I am almost to 25 classes already which I am really excited for! I have improved my attendance since January!

Also I stayed on task for the most part during the week and I was able to finally drop down to 173 which brings my total weight loss since November 2015 to 6 pounds. I am really excited for that!

Saturday is Trek up the Tower and I’m a bit nervous because I haven’t done much training wise.

Also I am considering and in the process of planning a home gym in my studio. I want to be able to have a space where if I need to workout if I can’t make it to the Y or Jazzercise (weather being the reason) or just to squeeze in a second workout I can do that whenever. Right now I’m just braining storming trying to figure out space, equipment to get etc once I get things rolling I will be sharing a post on it!

Goals for the week:

Attend Jazzercise at least 4 times this week. I won’t be able to do a double because I have to work this weekend. I am feeling a bit peaked today so I may head home after work to rest. We’ll see.

Squeeze in at least one trip to the Y to do some leg training and hit the stairs. To give me a little bit of prep before Saturday.

Trek up the Tower Saturday! I will be giving a full report once I complete it!!

I will have another post later this week!



Weekly update

Current weight: 177

I’ve been floating around 178 so I am happy that I am back down almost back to 176!

I need to get back into a regular groove with my exercise routine I am hoping with the 35 day challenge at Jazzercise I can get back into it! I blame being sick and the winter weather is no help! Do you struggle sometimes?

I did give in and bought a loaf of bread last week but being sick I craved toast plus grilled cheese. I do one slice when I make sandwiches (cut in half) but I don’t eat bread everyday. I’m not beating myself up over it.

Positives for the week: I did get a compliment from someone asking if I worked out. Which was nice to hear I don’t hear a lot anymore now since loosing the big 5-0, so it’s exciting! Then of course getting down to 177 after being stuck on 178 for awhile

Goals for the week: Get back into a regular Jazzercise routine and attend a double.

Also I am looking for different meal prep options. I am getting a bit tired of eating the same foods at work. I was going to prep chicken and rice (since I had it on hand) it just felt it was too much work. So I did microwave Brussels sprouts for two days and then tuna with pita chips the remainder. (I will share the recipe soon).

The other thing I plan to do is incorporate 10 minute ab routine each day before or after Jazzercise.  Then eventually increase it. I will keep you posted and share my routine.

Have a great week!


How much exercise should you get?



Ah the age old topic!

As I’ve mentioned before, in Jazzercise we do challenges throughout the year besides the 150 challenge. We just did 20 classes by December 24th. I barely made that one!

In February, we are doing our annual “35 classes in 30 days challenge” this one you get a sweet tank top. During class Friday, the instructor mentioned that there was a limit on how many classes you can attend each day. Some were doing 3 classes a day!! That’s a little much if you ask me for a silly little cosmetic bag? Or a tank top? Come on.

It got me thinking however just how exercise is enough? This is 100% my opinion and being a future personal trainer this is advice I’d give my future potential clients.

Typically on average you should at least workout for 3o minutes 3 times a week. Jazzercise is an hour which is fine as well but for beginners 30 is good. Once a day is good too. IF you do twice a day space it out so you’re not overwhelming yourself. I like to do double Jazzercise classes once in awhile I haven’t yet in 2016 but my plan is soon at least once a week if possible.  But don’t go overboard! I hear these stories of body builders going so many times a day and I’m like why?? It is not necessary. I can be competitive at times and with my crazy schedule, I’m happy if I get to Jazzercise 3 times a week it’s a good week if I get 4 in.  I could NEVER

You’re at the risk of injury for starters, plus you’re not giving your body time to recover and recuperate from exercise because you’re working muscles they get tired too.

Here is a good article if you want a little more information on it.

Remember to enjoy your workout, don’t go bat shit crazy with it.



One Month

Today, I am one month out from Trek Up the Tower  However, I have been sick since the weekend so I have not been to Jazzercise or the gym. It has affected my appetite too which really sucks! Because I love to eat.  Plus the weather has been horrible and I have a major case of SAD (seasonal affect disorder). On a positive note, I have been staying hydrated during all this which helps a lot.

I am taking one more day of rest before I head back to any activity I am hoping to finish out the week stronger than what I began.

Have a great week!