Weekly update!


I start my 3rd week of school this week and last week was our first week of training the new PT students. I keep thinking how INSANE it is that I was in their position a year ago!!! Also at a different gym. And now I am creating and writing workouts.  What a difference a year makes! Still a work in process!

I have looked back at last year and I struggled so much. If I could go back and tell my last year self “Hey girl (yes I did say that!) you’re struggling right now but guess what? You get through it and you come out the other side!”

Last week, I mentioned I didn’t do well with the whole menu plan so I am trying it again this week. I made it loose so I not fully committed and have done some minor changes. Monday was a full on meal prep day, I made my food for work for the week with my crock which I have been using a lot more lately (it’s getting to be that time of year!), I made taco meat and I finally tried a new recipe (remember when I wanted to a while back??):


Veggie Pizza!! Here’s the recipe.  I did make round as opposed to square and used 1 tube of crescent rolls (low fat), only 1 block of cream cheese (low fat),  half the dry ranch packet, (low fat) miracle whip. Oh and I used a little bit of (low fat) Mozzarella shredded cheese. I made the crust ahead of time then I topped the pizza later in the morning. Turned out really good! I have been this whole pizza kick lately because I have been craving Domino’s so I have been trying to find somewhat healthier options. Last week, I did portabella stuffed mushroom pizzas (mushrooms are my jam!) too.

Last but not least I finally went back to the gym Monday! As you know I have been struggling emotionally and my motivation has been low but finally I went in and did a simple workout.

I have weigh-in this week which I might wait till Saturday.

Goal for the week: Is to stay on track with my menu plan and at least attend 2 classes of Jazzercise since I haven’t been in almost a month!!

I will be back later to report my 2nd round of menu planning!

Have a great week!







Menu/meal planning

I thought what would help me maybe to make better decisions in my eating habits is to menu/meal plan. I have never really done it before so I thought as they say “Give it the old college try” and it’s fitting since I am a college student!

As I’ve mentioned before, I go with the flow on my meals mainly because:

  1. I work overnights
  2. I go to school part time
  3. My schedule is way different
  4. I grocery shop every two weeks
  5. Whatever I have on hand is what I prepare
  6. Plus it’s just me, myself and I

So why plan? For starters it will help me eat out less, not eat junk, stop relying on processed food as much and maybe help drop the weight I gained. Also to try new recipes too. Plus also to use leftovers more too so I don’t waste food.

I typically eat your three meals a day plus I suppose an extra since I work overnights where most would consider that lunch? I’m not sure but working 8 hours does make you hungry and you have to fuel your body.

I do eat breakfast depending on the day if I have class I will eat a bigger breakfast to help curb my appetite until I get home, I also take a small snack if need be, I have lunch then I sleep and then in the evening, on those days I will have a light meal mainly because I sleep later those days and I want something quick and easy to eat. Then I take something that I prep ahead. On non school days, if I go workout I eat a lighter breakfast, followed by lunch, sleep and then a filling supper.

Well, I had a great menu all planned out and I didn’t follow it. Basically it feel through after a week!! #EpicFail.

The original plan was to cook Sunday supper then meal prep for the week…. I ended up falling asleep at 4pm and I got once had a snack then went back to bed and I got up later in the morning. I did throw stuff in the crock pot for the week on Monday plus I did put together tuna salad as well, but it wasn’t I had planned originally and I tried to alter my menu as I went along but I gave up too quickly I might add. Although, I may start over and try it again for next week. It is definitely trial and error!

I’ll be back with another update I’m sure!






Pumpkin ice cream

Fall is upon us so that means: Pumpkin everything!! The inter-webs are chalk full of pumpkin recipes so today I am sharing a recipe I found on Facebook. Pumpkin Ice Cream.

Yes. Pumpkin ice cream. The best part? It’s diary free!! So it’s uber healthy.


4 bananas

1 cup of pumpkin puree (I used Libby’s organic)

1/3 cup of maple syrup (I used light maple syrup)

1 1/2 tsp pumpkin spice

The instructions are simple you blend everything together but for the sake of this blog and for me since I don’t have a fancy Nurta Bullet but a regular old blender I broke everything down for you!

First I cut up all the bananas then placed them in the blender:


Next, I blended them all together first that way it was easier on the blender here’s my lovely banana mush:


Now add your pumpkin puree I choose organic just to be extra healthier it doesn’t matter whatever your preference is! 🙂


I did blend the pumpkin and bananas together here’s a picture of it blended then me adding the syrup:


Last add the pumpkin spice:


Then blend it all together one more time at the highest setting.

Now place it in a container:


From the looks of it doesn’t look like much serving wise but for me it’s perfect. So I suppose you can double the recipe or just make another batch if you’re wanting more. Of course after this stick it in your freezer to freeze.

Now after I made it a week ago I totally forgot about it oops. You can’t write a blog post about a recipe without trying it. So yesterday I took it out of the freezer:


I had to thaw it out for about a minute to get a bit softer to work with. The reason I made the ice cream was for smoothies because I’ve been to trying to find the perfect pumpkin smoothie recipe. So again I got my blender, adding about 2 scoops of the ice cream, then some milk now I used what I had which is your average low fat milk. I’m sure you can use almond milk or skim if that’s your preference. Again it’s all about trail and error. I did a little bit more pumpkin spice before I blended everything.

I poured the mix into a glass topped with a little bit of whipped cream and enjoyed!

smoothieThe verdict?? Not bad. I think I need to add more ice cream next time or maybe just more the pumpkin puree with it, perhaps some crushed graham cracker? The possibilities are endless!

Until next time!