Real Talk: It’s not glamours

This is sort of an update but also I am being 100% real on here.

I can’t give a full report of Keto yet. The first week went really good and I only craved carbs a tad bit. By the 2nd week, I gave up and fell head first into carbs. What I think I need is a bit more structure with it.  As in I need to do better food prep for the weeks, including breakfasts. I downloaded a great recipe to try.

I decided to do a “looser” based keto diet. I am not giving up milk/cereals (I love my oats damnit) and peanut butter. However, I didn’t buy bread when I did my last grocery run and I don’t intend to when I go after work today.  Not making pasta/rice either.

Anyways, when I started this blog. I wasn’t sure how much I wanted to talk about my own personal struggles. I tend to be a private person with certain things because everything is so “out there” now days.

Honestly I wished I had written about my first weight loss journey all those years ago because I know it was not easy at all. This time it’s no exception. That’s the reality of life/any fitness related or not. I’m not going to pretend it’s all sunshine and rainbows because it’s not. I would be blowing smoke up my own ass.

I mentioned countless times how rough my weeks have been this year not for sympathy but to tell you you not everyone has the fantastic week of exercising every day (maybe even twice a day), staying on task with your diet, meal prep and drinking the gallons of water you see in all their photos. That I took 50 selfies of my booty pop, flexing in the mirror, showing off my washboard abs. It’s why I stopped following a chunk of “Fit” people on Instagram (more on that later). I bet you more times than not they have really shitty days but we don’t see it. Also, I do respect them as individuals too they have goals just like the rest of us. I am merely stating that the journey towards becoming healthy is not all glamours as we’re known to think.

It is important to look past the bad weeks, and push forward. Reset ourselves, and remember to re-focus on our goals to succeed.

Have a great week!





An update!

Hello! Sorry I haven’t written in awhile but there hasn’t been a lot to say. I have had a really tough time with things. I just finished a really rough semester (seems to be the trend!) of school. It gave me a lot of emotions to deal with especially with being so foreign with the gym.

I was told numerous times that I don’t feel comfortable being in a gym setting which I felt was a personal insult to me! I have been a member of the YMCA since 2008 and even though I haven’t gone as much as I’ve liked lately, I agree and disagree with that. The gym my school uses is Prairie Life Fitness in Omaha which is just a few blocks from Campus. But for me it’s a good 45 minutes away, why would I drive 45 minutes to go workout when I have a gym not even 2 minutes away from me? Heck there’s even one across the street! I can understand being uncomfortable with PLF because I don’t go there enough to feel comfortable there I’ve only gone with class when it’s required. The Y I feel comfortable enough there because I do know most of the equipment and I’ve been a member for so long. The other uncomfortable part for me is knowing workouts. I spent last semester programing workouts for “clients” (the new students) and I had to DIG deep to find workouts that can be done in many, many different ways. But a lot of workouts I don’t know well enough because I don’t do them or know how to do them properly. That’s a stumbling block for me. I know it. I need to overcome it!

But I have been so tired, stressed, sick, and a little depressed that my workouts have taken a complete back seat. I haven’t Jazzercised in 2 months! I am on the fence about ending my membership for the time being and just solely focusing on the Y again and reacquainted with workouts and variations of them.  It’s tough because I ❤ Jazzercise so much it was there when I needed a change and I enjoyed my time there. In order to be a good trainer I need to have that knowledge of the gym which I admit I do lack a little. I have been an observer in the gym for quite sometime and I’ve learned by watching others. So I have to be well rounded when it comes to workouts and how to manipulate them.

My newest class is conditioning which is what athletes do.  Unfortunately I have zero experience in that field because I never was one so it might be a weak point to me. I am going to try my darnedest to succeed at this even if it is foreign to me.

In other news, my weight hasn’t changed for 3 months, my HS reunion came and went, I felt really good about myself then. Which again for me is something hard to come by. I still struggle a lot with confidence especially in the gym too. Menu planning didn’t go well past the third week. I learned it’s not for me and that’s okay. I gave it the old college try and I will keep doing what I have been. I do need to get back on prep which went wayside after vacation.

What else? Oh Trek up the Tower registration has opened so once payday happens Friday I am signing up all on my own. I really want to beat my time from last year. I am loosely planning to start training soon I am hoping by the end of this week/starting next week I can get started on it! I now have a better idea of how to approach it!

That’s it for now. I am hoping to be back with posts soon. Just keep me in your thoughts!




Rewiring yourself

In school, we watch A LOT of motivational videos. I kid you not. They are to kind help shape us into the personal trainer we desire to be and also might be the kick in the pants we need.

I admitted in my last post, that I have been struggling with everything including my gym routine which has taken a major back seat. Endless excuses and lack of motivation (funny we’ve talking about that this week in class!) has left me feeling down and out.

It happens. More often than you think.

While I don’t have all the answers of how or why but I do know you can get back on track. I’ve said it posts before on what to do if you feel that way. But sometimes you need more than just an inspirational post to get you back in the game.

Watch this video it’s a bit long but worth it! I really liked what Jenny had to say and because she’s a girl after my own heart! Because she is loud like me 😉 but her message is important I really liked the the I AM statements.

I decided to start out small with mine I did two which are:

I AM okay

I AM going to workout

As time goes on, I will add more as I see fit 🙂

Small steps leading to bigger ones!

Have a great day!





12/2/12 is a special date in my life. It’s the day I finally lost 50 pounds. Just shy of my one year mark of my official weigh in.

I weighed 217 pounds. It’s crazy to think that I was once 200 pounds. I was wearing a size 2XL almost 3 and size 18 in pants. Most people didn’t believe that I was that heavy or even looked it but I was. I didn’t want to be that person anymore so I made the change.

Currently my weight is 176. I am a little heavier than I was at my final weigh in three years ago but I am still 40 pounds lighter! I wear a size larger in shirts and I am size 12 in pants. However I am working on losing more I am hoping to get back down to my original weight three years ago 167 by the end of 2015. That’s ten pounds. I’ve lost three only 7 more to go!

The extra weight gain doesn’t mean I’ve failed. As I’ve mentioned in other posts that it happens we just have to take it in stride and continue to work towards our goals.

Here’s some of my victories of year 3:

I ran 3 5K’s.

Been a member of Jazzercise for one year and getting close to reaching my 150th class (12 to go!)

Joined a new gym.

Started school to become a personal trainer and have learned a lot already to continue to improve myself.

Started this blog!

I sometimes think it’s longer than 3 years. I’m hoping to get a tattoo to commemorate the occasion before the end of the year too. I will be sharing my goals for 2016 soon!

Remember you can do it!

Here’s to another year!






How to stay on task for the holidays

So. Thanksgiving is Thursday. And you’re probably wondering how in the heck do I behave? Honestly it can be a cheat day if you so desire. Which is my plan. My job starts a “Maintain Don’t gain” holiday challenge this week that leads up until the New Year. I usually partake in that to help me throughout the holidays it’s an excellent way to stay on task when it’s very tempting to stray.

Here is some no nonsense tips to get your through the holidays and Thanksgiving.

*Workout on Thanksgiving and after!. Some gyms are actually open on Thanksgiving for a couple hours. Jazzercise has one class it happens to be at 7am which happens to be when I’m off work (le sigh) but the YMCA Wellness center will be open that day so I will go there. If your gym is not open take a quick walk (weather permitting) or you can find simple workouts via Pinterest or YouTube. Just move! Even if it’s for 30 minutes do squats while the turkey is cooking 🙂 Skip black Friday Shopping  (I usually do) but if you are a shopper do it before or after you’re crazy adventures!

* Stay on task prior to and after Thanksgiving. If you meal plan, still do your workouts etc it will help

* Eat breakfast before you have your meal. Still have a good breakfast before you eat the big meal that way your stomach is full and you’re less likely to snack before the meal (see the next one below)

*No snacking while cooking! My bad habit is sticking stuff into my mouth while I cook. If you really need to snack make it a healthy choice like fruits or  veggies. Or chew gum to keep your mouth occupied while preparing.

*Don’t veg out in front of the TV! Thanksgiving can be a lazy day with the parade and football games on the TV, you can became a lump all day which can lead to snacking (see above) because you’re bored. Perhaps go outside after the meal and walk (remember exercise!).

*Drink water! Simple don’t turn to sugary sodas while you eat your meal. Besides water keeps you hydrated and flushes out your system anyways.

*Don’t overeat most importantly don’t have seconds. Enough said.

*Use a smaller plate. That way your plate is fuller and you’ll eat less too.

*Don’t be afraid to leave food your plate. Seriously if you’ll know when you’ve had enough. That leads to overeating.

*Make smart choices. One thing for sure if you attend a function there are plenty of food options! Some people have food allergies, etc so usually there’s plenty to chose from.

*Bring a healthy dish. Again if you’re attending a function and you have to bring a dish to share find or make something healthy. Like a veggie tray or a healthy salad. Or be creative and make the same usual Thanksgiving dish but make it healthier!

*Go easy with the carbs! I am a carb freak it’s easy to go overboard with them again if it’s you’re weak spot then skip it.

*Don’t eat dessert right away or skip it altogether! I love pie as much as the next person but you can wait until after your stomach settles or take a piece home to have later.

* Don’t be afraid to say no. Seriously it’s okay to turn something down and don’t feel guilty about it! Especially if it’s taking leftovers home.

One of the other things is I don’t bake holiday goodies so less temptation there.

However, it’s okay to indulge too just be mindful in your choices. I would recommend if you make Thanksgiving your cheat day, don’t cheat on the weekend go back to your normal routine.

Last but not least if you screw up, it’s okay! Nobody is perfect! Just remember you’re human and continue to work hard!

Happy Thanksgiving!









Hitting rock bottom (and coming back from it)

It’s already the mid-term of school and starting next week, I will have a 3rd class on Mondays and Wednesdays in the afternoon. So that’s getting me home somewhere around 4:30 in the afternoon. Yikes! On top of that, I’m trying to sleep for my overnight shift, and throw in additional stress from said job into the mix, oh and not to mention piling up dishes (resulting in using plastic silverware and paper plates, garbage, clean laundry that spends the entire week on the floor instead of being put away, last but not least I am struggling in one of my classes.

Welcome to COLLEGE LIFE 102. The advanced grown up version where it’s 10 times harder because you don’t have anyone else to rely on to do the other things for you #singleforlife it hasn’t been easy. Stressed is an understatement at this point.

It wasn’t until Friday morning after a marathon of sleep, I foolishly stepped on the scale to discover I put on weight. More weight than I have in the two and half years that I’ve been keeping it off. Needless to say I was devastated! I was doing the wrong things I promised myself no eating junk which I had twice that week among other things. I try not to keep a lot of junk in my home but I do have cookies (I try not to each them as much) but I did eat more fast food than I should have usually I do once on the weekends and that’s it.  Plus I drank more pop than I should too (I’ve cut down to about a can a week). Not good!

Working out has been less expect I have been in my introduction to Personal Training class on Tuesdays and Thursdays so that’s helped. I thought I would be able to squeeze in Jazzercise on my nights off but I have been so tired.

I have hit complete and total rock bottom. It’s hard to admit that. I’ve been wanting to write a post about motivation and how to gain it back, but it’s hard to stay motivated yourself when you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.

So how to do you stay motivated? It’s not easy for sure. But like anything else you have to take it one day at a time.  The first step is admitting you screwed up like I’ve mention in my posts before owing up to the mistakes, then fixing said mistakes. I know what to do and how do it just have to pick myself up and dust myself off, then keep going. Self care is so important!!  I came across this quote from one of my favorite superheroes Wonder Woman it’s very fitting:

Wonder Woman

That’s the beauty of a new day or a new week. It’s the chance to start over. I will come back stronger than ever.


Going at it alone

I’m on a Facebook group called We’re getting slim. A local man from Omaha named Jim founded the group after he lost over 200 pounds. Recently, a member wrote a post stating that he was leaving the group because he started out losing weight really well then got injured on the job so he gained all the weight back, then blamed Jim for his failure that “Jim wouldn’t help him” I don’t know Jim personally, but he seems like a great guy. All of us from the group we surprised because it has bee nothing but positive vibes (hence why I love the group) no negativity, straight up encouragement, we offer advice to another and support each other. Jim’s wife posted how busy he is and that this individual was coming over constantly more or less being a nuisance it would seem.

Jim had nothing negative to say about it he was straight up nice about the whole thing in fact he wrote his own post about his own situation here

When I started my weight loss journey soon to be three years ago, I did it alone. I had no workout buddy, or anyone to help me. I did get some advice from a few people and a virtual support group on Facebook but other than that I went at it alone.

Why? Because I am responsible for my weight gain. Nobody else did it but me. I made bad choices, I didn’t care, and it showed. I already wrote a post about screwing up so this goes along with that post. I knew that if I relied on someone, that if I screwed up or failed I would immediately blame them and I didn’t want that to happen. Now I don’t discourage having a workout buddy or an accountability buddy if that works for you great but remember this is for YOU. My other concern was that sadly people flake out on you it happens sometimes it’s beyond our control. I didn’t want to rely on anyone. This was all on me.

I’ve had to overcome a lot of obstacles to get here. I’m not perfect, I’m human I screwed up numerous times, I would eat horrible, skip my workout, and yes I’ve gained a little weight from time to time but it happens.  At first, when I gained weight I would be upset and sometimes I still do, but there are factors to it. You gain muscle when you lift, plus when the monthly visitor happens I tend to eat more, there’s other things that happen but I’ve learned not to take it too personally and just “let it go”. I just start over the next day like it never happened. It’s mind over matter.

Essentially it’s YOU vs. YOU. You are in your own competition. We our own worst enemies sometimes but we can get past it onto something great.

As The Rock says: “Be the hardest worker in the room”