Strive 2017

After much debate, I have a word for 2017. If you remember last year, my word was Achieve and I felt like I haven’t achieved anything. Honestly I really wasn’t going to have a word this year because I felt like 2016 was a such let down for me because I only “achieved” four of my goals. I’ve openly have talked about my struggles as I entered into the New Year, a little rough too I might add, I kind of dismissed having a word altogether. But the more I thought about it, and I was in class the other day working on my “business plan” and the word that I have been thinking about using Strive came into my mind for a gym name. Granted it’s just part of my business class, I am not sure if I will go into my own business or not after I graduate. But I liked the idea so I went with it. Actually I had gotten up early before class and went to the Y. After I logged my workout, I wrote STRIVE on my marker board:


I want to STRIVE at the gym again

I want to STRIVE in school

I want to STRIVE in my decisions

I want to STRIVE to be healthier

I want to STRIVE in my meal plans

I want to STRIVE in my goals

And so on. I guess it’s not so bad to have a word after all. Let’s STRIVE for an awesome 2017!




Weekly update

I am on the last leg of my 2nd summer semester of school so I have one week and day to go. I have a ton of homework to do and I’m a bit overwhelmed. Also the week didn’t go as planned either. I had another round of sinuses Thursday into Friday so that put me out of the game again. If you don’t know what it’s like to have sinuses they stink. The headaches are the worse. I didn’t do any new recipes I ate pretty lousy all week and made it to Jazzercise only twice no walking or Y trips either.

The only good news was that I got 75 Jazzercise classes Saturday. That puts me at only 75 more classes to reach 150 and 125 classes away from 200. I’m not sure if I am going to make 200 by the end of the year but I am trying to reach 150.

Also I weighed in Monday since it had been a month and I gained four pounds.  So my current weight is 183. I am really upset about it however I just have to keep moving forward which is a hard thing to do because I have struggled so much as it is. Monday was a day of self-care, I wrote some affirmations and stuck them around my full length mirror, I made some orange pops using just water and orange Crush water enhancer stuff:


Also I washed the dishes, meal prepped for the week, I made myself a really good salad for lunch, and relaxed by watching the movie Fight Club.  I will be writing the importance of self care later on.

As for goals this week. I am not setting any since I have a huge final assignment due Friday plus regular school work too. But once I get everything done I will focus on getting back on track!


Have a great week!


Weekly update!

Current Weight 173

Hi! I know it’s been awhile I was on vacation last week and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I was able to do attend 4:30pm Jazzercise class two days during the week and I also was able to do two double classes one on Tuesday then another on Saturday. With almost everyone doing the challenge it’s pretty busy at classes especially at 4:30pm I was impressed! Also I am almost to 25 classes already which I am really excited for! I have improved my attendance since January!

Also I stayed on task for the most part during the week and I was able to finally drop down to 173 which brings my total weight loss since November 2015 to 6 pounds. I am really excited for that!

Saturday is Trek up the Tower and I’m a bit nervous because I haven’t done much training wise.

Also I am considering and in the process of planning a home gym in my studio. I want to be able to have a space where if I need to workout if I can’t make it to the Y or Jazzercise (weather being the reason) or just to squeeze in a second workout I can do that whenever. Right now I’m just braining storming trying to figure out space, equipment to get etc once I get things rolling I will be sharing a post on it!

Goals for the week:

Attend Jazzercise at least 4 times this week. I won’t be able to do a double because I have to work this weekend. I am feeling a bit peaked today so I may head home after work to rest. We’ll see.

Squeeze in at least one trip to the Y to do some leg training and hit the stairs. To give me a little bit of prep before Saturday.

Trek up the Tower Saturday! I will be giving a full report once I complete it!!

I will have another post later this week!



Weekly update

Last two weeks were terrible. I gained back two pounds. The worst part was I had ordered a skirt for the Jazzercise Christmas party and it did not fit. Talk about disappointment!!

Then I remembered:

*Pin up sizes run a tad smaller.

*It’s a minor set back

*Keep moving forward and fit into that skirt!

Current weight 177 so I am a bit up and I lost about one pound (I was around 178 prior). I’ve decided to start this week a bit of a cleanse/detox and I’m going to give Keto a try.  Basically it’s less carbs.  You eat more fats, etc. I’ve done my research and I’ve heard great results so I thought I would at least try it during Christmas break. Which is after tomorrow!!!

With Christmas this week I’m not too worried about cheating there hasn’t been a lot of temptation this year.

Positives: Did double Jazzercise classes Saturday

Goal this week : I have 4 classes left until my 150 and close to getting my make up bag too. I am hoping to squeeze in another double class I’m hoping Wednesday or depending when I get out of class Tuesday I may go then. But if I play my cards right I can have both on Christmas Eve!!

I will update on the Keto thing as I go!

Have a great Christmas!

Is fasting safe?

*Note this post is completely 100% my opinion please do your research before attempting to fast and make sure you have your doctors okay to do so!*

I follow a few people’s weight loss journey’s on Facebook. To protect their identity, I won’t say who this person is but they had just made a post that they were on vacation and enjoying themselves not to mention enjoying vacation foods that went along with it, plus alcohol. Which I say you’re on vacation enjoy yourself! I’m one of the biggest rebels there are in the fit world because I still enjoy carbs, and sweets once in awhile however I still try for some healthy options more on that later.

The person had started to do a keto diet (I used which means they are cutting out carbs *insert sigh* to help aid in weight loss. It’s a lot like Adkins but they eat more protein. I like carbs just like any other person however I use them in (my favorite word!) moderation.  I don’t eat them everyday More on that later too.

Anyways back to this person when they got home they weighed in and gained about 4 pounds. Which of course is bound to happen I admire them for not being too upset about it. They’re plan of attack was to FAST. I immediately thought WHAT THE FRENCH TOAST?? Okay not my exact words but you know.  They said they planned to fast for 24 hours and just drink water.

Before I give my opinion on the matter, to answer the basic questions:

Is fasting safe? The first answer when I googled this was in a box: NO it is not safe by any means. Especially people who are diabetic, women who are pregnant/breast feeding, anyone with a chronic disease, and the elderly.

I 100% agree with this logic. I know fasting is sometimes necessary for a blood draw for certain tests then a “suggested” fast is for 12 hours in which you are allowed water and to take any medications.

As I did more research, it’s not good to do fasting. Which I found here

One thing I learned on this weight loss journey is to NOT STARVE yourself. I can’t tell you how many times I was accused of that during my own weight loss journey. It was downright insulting and I was angry at people for thinking so.  For some people, you can become dizzy if you don’t eat. When I fainted both times that was the first question I was asked “Did you eat?” Especially before my workout I put something in my stomach. Because you can become dizzy. It’s the same as hydration.

This person did mention when they ate carbs on vacation they felt lousy. Which I can relate to because I once had nothing but junk and soda at a party I wound up feeling lousy. Because your body becomes used to the fuel you are feeding it so if you give up certain foods, then if you suddenly eat them after not eating them you can feel off.

In case you’re wondering,  I did not comment on the person’s post because it’s not my place to. Yes, I could have been the voice the reason however, it’s their decision. I may not agree with it but I don’t want to hurt their feelings either. #beentheredonethat

However, if you consider a fast please do your homework first! This is from  I don’t recommend doing it because it’s not for me.

Remember be safe as always!


Weekly Check In

I decided that I would attempt a weekly check in. I probably should have started this on my weigh in days. For awhile I was weighing in on Fridays. In previous events (3 years ago) it’s been Mondays. I go back and fourth. So for now whenever I weigh in I will update.

My starting weight was 179.

Current weight is 176. I am down three pounds (as of Monday 11/30/15).

I started keeping track back in October and I’ve only been recording my losses. If I’ve gained or stayed the same I wouldn’t document. I know I have a weird process but as I’ve done this game before I thought I’d try something different.

It’s only Wednesday and I already cheated yesterday. I’m trying not to beat myself up over too much over it.

I finally meal prepped Monday morning after an almost two-week hiatus. And so far I have stayed on task with that. More on that soon! I promise!

With the holiday, I was proud of staying on task in my eating. I did leftovers for lunch Friday and Saturday for lunches but did alternatives for work meals, and before work supper. But as luck would have it I had only enough leftovers for 2 days. I didn’t workout Thursday as planned because the weather was iffy. However on Black Friday I got up really early, and made it to the Y then after (with an hour rest in between) I went to Jazzercise at 8:30am. I also made it to class Saturday.

I am at 138 Jazzercise classes and this morning will be my 139th. Friday, I will I have 140 so that means only 10 to go till I reach 150! I am hoping to do a double class Saturday since it’s my weekend off. I wanted to do a double Monday, but since I had to meal prep and again the weather was iffy. Darn Nebraska weather!

I also plan to try a pre-workout supplement and I have created an workout that I can do at the Y to help me prepare for The Trek Up the Tower so I will also be sharing that once I do it again!

See you next week!



12/2/12 is a special date in my life. It’s the day I finally lost 50 pounds. Just shy of my one year mark of my official weigh in.

I weighed 217 pounds. It’s crazy to think that I was once 200 pounds. I was wearing a size 2XL almost 3 and size 18 in pants. Most people didn’t believe that I was that heavy or even looked it but I was. I didn’t want to be that person anymore so I made the change.

Currently my weight is 176. I am a little heavier than I was at my final weigh in three years ago but I am still 40 pounds lighter! I wear a size larger in shirts and I am size 12 in pants. However I am working on losing more I am hoping to get back down to my original weight three years ago 167 by the end of 2015. That’s ten pounds. I’ve lost three only 7 more to go!

The extra weight gain doesn’t mean I’ve failed. As I’ve mentioned in other posts that it happens we just have to take it in stride and continue to work towards our goals.

Here’s some of my victories of year 3:

I ran 3 5K’s.

Been a member of Jazzercise for one year and getting close to reaching my 150th class (12 to go!)

Joined a new gym.

Started school to become a personal trainer and have learned a lot already to continue to improve myself.

Started this blog!

I sometimes think it’s longer than 3 years. I’m hoping to get a tattoo to commemorate the occasion before the end of the year too. I will be sharing my goals for 2016 soon!

Remember you can do it!

Here’s to another year!