Weekly update

Current weight: 177

I’ve been floating around 178 so I am happy that I am back down almost back to 176!

I need to get back into a regular groove with my exercise routine I am hoping with the 35 day challenge at Jazzercise I can get back into it! I blame being sick and the winter weather is no help! Do you struggle sometimes?

I did give in and bought a loaf of bread last week but being sick I craved toast plus grilled cheese. I do one slice when I make sandwiches (cut in half) but I don’t eat bread everyday. I’m not beating myself up over it.

Positives for the week: I did get a compliment from someone asking if I worked out. Which was nice to hear I don’t hear a lot anymore now since loosing the big 5-0, so it’s exciting! Then of course getting down to 177 after being stuck on 178 for awhile

Goals for the week: Get back into a regular Jazzercise routine and attend a double.

Also I am looking for different meal prep options. I am getting a bit tired of eating the same foods at work. I was going to prep chicken and rice (since I had it on hand) it just felt it was too much work. So I did microwave Brussels sprouts for two days and then tuna with pita chips the remainder. (I will share the recipe soon).

The other thing I plan to do is incorporate 10 minute ab routine each day before or after Jazzercise.  Then eventually increase it. I will keep you posted and share my routine.

Have a great week!



Weekly Check In

I decided that I would attempt a weekly check in. I probably should have started this on my weigh in days. For awhile I was weighing in on Fridays. In previous events (3 years ago) it’s been Mondays. I go back and fourth. So for now whenever I weigh in I will update.

My starting weight was 179.

Current weight is 176. I am down three pounds (as of Monday 11/30/15).

I started keeping track back in October and I’ve only been recording my losses. If I’ve gained or stayed the same I wouldn’t document. I know I have a weird process but as I’ve done this game before I thought I’d try something different.

It’s only Wednesday and I already cheated yesterday. I’m trying not to beat myself up over too much over it.

I finally meal prepped Monday morning after an almost two-week hiatus. And so far I have stayed on task with that. More on that soon! I promise!

With the holiday, I was proud of staying on task in my eating. I did leftovers for lunch Friday and Saturday for lunches but did alternatives for work meals, and before work supper. But as luck would have it I had only enough leftovers for 2 days. I didn’t workout Thursday as planned because the weather was iffy. However on Black Friday I got up really early, and made it to the Y then after (with an hour rest in between) I went to Jazzercise at 8:30am. I also made it to class Saturday.

I am at 138 Jazzercise classes and this morning will be my 139th. Friday, I will I have 140 so that means only 10 to go till I reach 150! I am hoping to do a double class Saturday since it’s my weekend off. I wanted to do a double Monday, but since I had to meal prep and again the weather was iffy. Darn Nebraska weather!

I also plan to try a pre-workout supplement and I have created an workout that I can do at the Y to help me prepare for The Trek Up the Tower so I will also be sharing that once I do it again!

See you next week!