Something different


This isn’t much of an update because I didn’t weigh like I had said. I had another lousy week. I did see the dermatologist on Tuesday was given a prescription but it was never called into the pharmacy! Talk about frustrating!! So needless to say I am still itchy and miserable and I see them again in a week.

The mercury retrograde/weather have really taken it’s toll on me last week along with other emotional crap (yay me) so I spent more time focusing on self care.

I have decided to try a bit of Keto into my diet which I had thought about doing in the past but didn’t stick to it in the past. A summary of Keto is basically reverting back to caveman habits. Lots of meat come into play along with certain veggies/fruit. You do have to cut out a lot of stuff including carbs, peanut butter (eeek) milk, and starchy foods. I am not sure how well I am going to do on this but I am going to give it the old college try as they say.  I don’t think I can give up milk peruse but I am willing to give up pasta and bread for a while.

I am giving myself two weeks which is when I will go grocery shopping again to give it an honest effort as much as I can. Plus I am hoping to make it back to the gym this week! I promise! There won’t be any updates until then unless something Earth shattering happens!

I’ll see you in two weeks!



Weekly update!


I start my 3rd week of school this week and last week was our first week of training the new PT students. I keep thinking how INSANE it is that I was in their position a year ago!!! Also at a different gym. And now I am creating and writing workouts.  What a difference a year makes! Still a work in process!

I have looked back at last year and I struggled so much. If I could go back and tell my last year self “Hey girl (yes I did say that!) you’re struggling right now but guess what? You get through it and you come out the other side!”

Last week, I mentioned I didn’t do well with the whole menu plan so I am trying it again this week. I made it loose so I not fully committed and have done some minor changes. Monday was a full on meal prep day, I made my food for work for the week with my crock which I have been using a lot more lately (it’s getting to be that time of year!), I made taco meat and I finally tried a new recipe (remember when I wanted to a while back??):


Veggie Pizza!! Here’s the recipe.  I did make round as opposed to square and used 1 tube of crescent rolls (low fat), only 1 block of cream cheese (low fat),  half the dry ranch packet, (low fat) miracle whip. Oh and I used a little bit of (low fat) Mozzarella shredded cheese. I made the crust ahead of time then I topped the pizza later in the morning. Turned out really good! I have been this whole pizza kick lately because I have been craving Domino’s so I have been trying to find somewhat healthier options. Last week, I did portabella stuffed mushroom pizzas (mushrooms are my jam!) too.

Last but not least I finally went back to the gym Monday! As you know I have been struggling emotionally and my motivation has been low but finally I went in and did a simple workout.

I have weigh-in this week which I might wait till Saturday.

Goal for the week: Is to stay on track with my menu plan and at least attend 2 classes of Jazzercise since I haven’t been in almost a month!!

I will be back later to report my 2nd round of menu planning!

Have a great week!






How to stay on task for the holidays

So. Thanksgiving is Thursday. And you’re probably wondering how in the heck do I behave? Honestly it can be a cheat day if you so desire. Which is my plan. My job starts a “Maintain Don’t gain” holiday challenge this week that leads up until the New Year. I usually partake in that to help me throughout the holidays it’s an excellent way to stay on task when it’s very tempting to stray.

Here is some no nonsense tips to get your through the holidays and Thanksgiving.

*Workout on Thanksgiving and after!. Some gyms are actually open on Thanksgiving for a couple hours. Jazzercise has one class it happens to be at 7am which happens to be when I’m off work (le sigh) but the YMCA Wellness center will be open that day so I will go there. If your gym is not open take a quick walk (weather permitting) or you can find simple workouts via Pinterest or YouTube. Just move! Even if it’s for 30 minutes do squats while the turkey is cooking 🙂 Skip black Friday Shopping  (I usually do) but if you are a shopper do it before or after you’re crazy adventures!

* Stay on task prior to and after Thanksgiving. If you meal plan, still do your workouts etc it will help

* Eat breakfast before you have your meal. Still have a good breakfast before you eat the big meal that way your stomach is full and you’re less likely to snack before the meal (see the next one below)

*No snacking while cooking! My bad habit is sticking stuff into my mouth while I cook. If you really need to snack make it a healthy choice like fruits or  veggies. Or chew gum to keep your mouth occupied while preparing.

*Don’t veg out in front of the TV! Thanksgiving can be a lazy day with the parade and football games on the TV, you can became a lump all day which can lead to snacking (see above) because you’re bored. Perhaps go outside after the meal and walk (remember exercise!).

*Drink water! Simple don’t turn to sugary sodas while you eat your meal. Besides water keeps you hydrated and flushes out your system anyways.

*Don’t overeat most importantly don’t have seconds. Enough said.

*Use a smaller plate. That way your plate is fuller and you’ll eat less too.

*Don’t be afraid to leave food your plate. Seriously if you’ll know when you’ve had enough. That leads to overeating.

*Make smart choices. One thing for sure if you attend a function there are plenty of food options! Some people have food allergies, etc so usually there’s plenty to chose from.

*Bring a healthy dish. Again if you’re attending a function and you have to bring a dish to share find or make something healthy. Like a veggie tray or a healthy salad. Or be creative and make the same usual Thanksgiving dish but make it healthier!

*Go easy with the carbs! I am a carb freak it’s easy to go overboard with them again if it’s you’re weak spot then skip it.

*Don’t eat dessert right away or skip it altogether! I love pie as much as the next person but you can wait until after your stomach settles or take a piece home to have later.

* Don’t be afraid to say no. Seriously it’s okay to turn something down and don’t feel guilty about it! Especially if it’s taking leftovers home.

One of the other things is I don’t bake holiday goodies so less temptation there.

However, it’s okay to indulge too just be mindful in your choices. I would recommend if you make Thanksgiving your cheat day, don’t cheat on the weekend go back to your normal routine.

Last but not least if you screw up, it’s okay! Nobody is perfect! Just remember you’re human and continue to work hard!

Happy Thanksgiving!









Baby steps

There is a Facebook  page that I follow called Jim Gettin’ Slim He’s a local weight loss champion and he recently wrote a post about stress eating. You have to scroll down if you want to see it I tried to link it up but no avail. Anyways he hit the nail on the head.

I am stress eater.

No surprise there actually. My entire life hasn’t been easy but that’s the source of where all the weight I gained came from. As Jim said it is an eating disorder. I started stress eating pretty young I can remember it well. But I would have never admitted to having a problem. My college years (the first time)  had to be the worse, I ate like a college student junk food, fast food (all the major ones were either in walking or driving distance), you name it went down my gullet. I did not care. I dated off and on during that time and when we finally called it quits for good, food was my comfort.

Even after loosing all the weight the problem does not magically go away sadly. It can rear it’s ugly head at any time. It’s why I fell backwards enough for me to notice and to do something about it.

All is not lost.

Yesterday, I started over. I had been sick with the flu part of the week, so I did some self care first you know strip my bedding, clean the bathroom etc, then  I took out the rest of my frozen chicken to cook up, made my meal for work tonight, and I threw out the junk food that was holding me back.  I even got rid of the leftover Halloween candy that I had taken from my dad’s house shamefully. I didn’t want anymore of it.

As I’ve always said admitting you’ve screwed up is the first step. Then the following (yes you’ve heard them before):

Forgiving yourself. We’re all human we screw up but we’re hardest on ourselves.

Get back on track. This includes meal prep I didn’t meal prep at all last week or this week and that is a key factor in staying on track. Also staying on top of keeping track of what you’re eating by writing it down or using My Fitness Pal.

Get rid of the junk food. Easier said than done I try not to buy any extra goodies I do once in awhile but I keep out of site and out of mind. But this time they all went out the door.

Get back to the gym! I’ve been missing my workouts because of being sick but I plan to go back at hit it Friday!

Drink plenty of water. Sounds crazy but good old water is a great detox it will flush out all the yuck in your body.

And always remember not to give up! We got this!


To cheat or not to cheat? That is the question

I’ve been trying to decide how to write a post about cheat days or cheat meals since it’s an interesting topic to write about. I’m no expert or guru.  But I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. Some people may not agree with me on this and that’s fine.  Here is an article on Fit sugar (aka Pop Sugar) that talks about it 

Yes I have cheat days I save it for the weekends.  But mind you I don’t go overboard I still make smart choices in what I eat. When I first started to get healthy I gave up everything cold turkey. Not smart. It left me very cranky irritable one of my friends noticed it. They called me out on it. In fact the next day or so they offered me a steak sandwich on *gasp* white bread.  Usually if I eat a sandwich I’d cut it down to one slice of bread cut into triangles. Anyways I’m not a rude person and I didn’t want to hurt their feelings. So I had the sandwich. I know, I could have thrown it away when I got home (I was at work), but I was hungry and I still had my fruit I brought as well.  The sandwhich was good (protein!) and my friend said later “You can still eat what you want just in moderation”.

That made me think. Because I tossed out all my junk foods even my Oreos (I love Oreos). I have a major sweet tooth. One of the hardest things is skipping desserts. But one thing about myself is I ate my emotions hence why I piled on the weight, plus I inhaled the food and I’d go back for seconds. I was straight up terrified to eat anything “bad” even going out to eat was a nightmare.

Here’s the but…..


What I learned is was to keep track of your food. I thought it was nuts but I started using My Fitness Pal to log my food and it helps (more on that later). Plus I became a label reader, I used severing sizes to my advantage. I learned I could eat Oreos but I limit myself to two and I used to down four. For the most part they sit untouched in cupboard (out of site out of mind) I like a cheeseburger every now and again so I have the cheeseburger and I don’t feel guilty about it because usually I’ve worked out before or I will the next day. If I do have a big meal like that, I will have a light snack after. 

I love pizza too so I still have my usual two slices and no breadsticks (again tough to quit). I still eat at Buffets but I stick to salads, and fruit.  But mind you I don’t do this all the time. Like I said I choose when treat myself.  I don’t use treats as a reward for loosing weight or anything like that. 

Am I perfect? Nope. I’ve overdid it before but you know what? It happens we’re human. Just forgive yourself and start over. Beating yourself up doesn’t make the situation any better.  I did once have a major sugar crash once where there was nothing but sodas, cakes, and chips of course I indulged then after I felt awful.  It taught me a very valuable lesson. 

Just remember do what feels right. If you don’t want to do a cheat meal or day that’s fine. Some people said they don’t trust themselves when I posted the article in a Facebook group I belong to which I totally get it’s all about what works for you and what doesn’t.

Have a great week!