Weekly Check In


I am still going to weigh in on Sunday. But I wanted to share how my week has been. Yet again it has been another emotional week. We had two snow days this week. I did do an at home workout on Monday, but by the time I got home Tuesday, it was late in the morning my energy was really low. So I stayed in.

I did make it to the gym Wednesday and Thursday. I am debating about Friday because I may or may not to be going to Lincoln to visit my niece and nephew but they’ve been sick. So I am trying to avoid the plague as it were. I have yet to be sick.

Trek up the Tower is in three weeks and I haven’t done much “training” so I am worried that I am not going to do well.

Also my exam date is looming so I am trying to study and not wuss out.

As I was saying, going to the gym on Thursday was a tough day. I realize that I have to start back at square one again where I was 5 years ago, seeing all the fit people can be a bit intimidating when you are lifting with 2.5 pound weights. My focus has been Dumb Bell weights with both leg and upper body. I will have a post on that later on.

On top of other emotions that’s been going on too. I had to write a letter to myself when I got home, to help encourage me and plus to help whenever I have another bad day, I can refer back to this day and remember this is a process of my journey. Not to feat it.

I have only met 1 goal this week was to meal prep. I have still have Saturday (if I don’t go to Lincoln) to make it to the gym. Plus to clean my cupboards too. I left out my frozen fruit smoothie mix too long and it went to mush.

I want to make a trip to Trader Joe’s in Omaha. I have only been to the Lincoln location and that was a year ago. I recently saw a fellow You Tuber’s haul from Trader Joe’s and I want to get some items from there and they looked really good so I want to try. So if I do go I will share a haul on here. It maybe weird but hey they do it on You Tube…..

I am really excited for the weekend none the less. I need to recharge my batteries and get re-focused on my goals. I think January is a tough month for anyone.

Have a great weekend and see you Sunday!




Let’s talk about goals

One thing I had to learn as I became a personal trainer is client goals and since this is a New Year and fitness is usually #1 on people’s goal/resolution lists I wanted to talk about it on here.

When you think of a goal what comes to my mind (I sort of have a trainer’s mind) is it a SMART goal?

Is this goal



Action oriented? Or I like to say is it achievable?


Time oriented?

Keep that in mind when you plan your goals.

Let’s look back at my original weight loss goal that I had done 5 years ago. My goal was to lose 50 pounds by my birthday of April 27th. I made this rather insane goal because I typically in the past would only stay on task for a month then would fall back into my habits. Looking at this now it wasn’t a very SMART goal. Because in hindsight it wasn’t realistic or measurable. I possibly could have lost 50 pounds by April but I had made it to about 30 pounds which still is really good but I didn’t make the end goal until December that year (2012).

Now as I am starting my journey over, you’re probably wondering what my goals are? I don’t have a specific weight loss goal set  I want to be able to fit into this skirt that I got last year and it was my original goal a year ago but I never got around to it:




Which the skirt is an extra large, I need to take my waist measurements to figure out how many inches I will need to loose for sure.

I am also doing Trek up the Tower next month and my goal is to beat my time from two years ago which was 22 minutes. I also plan to do 5K the Hardway in June. Basically I just to become healthier again.

I will keep you up to speed each week on my workouts, weight, etc.

What are your goals for 2018?




Happy New Year!!

While I didn’t get to ring the New Year exactly how I wanted, it’s time to start it off right. I am back to meal prep, and I am going back into the gym Monday. I am testing out a workout that I have planned for my brother. Last week, my mom had to be hospitalized for off the chart blood sugar levels and ironically enough my dad got a call from the doctors (while visiting mom) that my brother also had high blood sugar as well so he is being put on meds for it. Now there isn’t much record of diabetes in my family. My dad had a case of it 5 years ago (low blood sugar) and has meds to regulate it. Needless to say I want to take better care of myself along with my family!

I did a weigh in of the New Year but I will only be doing monthly weigh ins as opposed to weekly. I also took progress pictures to keep track. Weight wise I don’t have a specific goal but I ordered a skirt smaller than what my size is currently and my goal is February to fit into that. Which is about month but I am determined to do it!

Plus drinking more water! I have been doing okay with it but I want to step it up! I just ordered a water bottle from Motivational Bottle along with some resistance bands stay tuned for that products review!!

Let’s make 2017 the best year ever!!

What are your goals?



Taking care of you

Before I start this post, I want to write a little disclaimer: I am not a NPC bikini competitor but I am a fit person soon to be personal trainer that is concerned with the health and well being of anyone who is involved in prep for competitions.

I follow a few bikini competitors on social media (mainly Instagram) because they are fit, they share great workout tips and video, new products (like Fit Crunch bars), and they have the most epic food porn (ha ha) but like anyone else they struggle.  They have their bad days too. It’s nice to know that we’re all in this together. One of my classmates, is a former competitor herself so it’s nice to know an actual one IRL as opposed to having numerous Insta crushes. Also my cousin competed once long time ago too.

So on Monday, I noticed a post from one of the fellow fit chicks that a competitor had died over the weekend before NPC USA happened. I couldn’t find much article wise just a bunch of  jumping to conclusion (*sighs*) YouTube videos.

Here’s the thing. We don’t know how she died. It could be a numerous different reasons. You’ve heard time and time again, that people have mysterious diseases or out of the blue heart attacks-etc then suddenly die it happens more often than we think. Our bodies can be a mystery. So it’s hard to say what exactly happen to her. But that doesn’t mean we can “assume” anything that isn’t fair.

When I started my weight loss journey, 3 and half years ago, I was accused of starving myself. Which was far from the truth. It was very hurtful that some people would actually think that. I was angry because they didn’t know what I was eating and making assumptions that I wasn’t taking care of myself. I was losing the right amount of weight which is about 1-2 pounds a week safely. I wasn’t pushing myself at the gym. I listened to my body. If something was not right my body would say “hey this hurts or hey this doesn’t feel right, let’s take it easy” I would stop. If I was hungry I would eat just made healthier choices and I did not over eat that’s just as bad. I have a bum knee, so a lot of times I go easy on myself, especially at Jazzercise. The instructors all encourage not go intense unless you know it’s okay to do so. It’s why they limit us to two classes a day especially when there is attendance games because we had people overdoing it. That isn’t safe.

As a future personal trainer, first and foremost the most important thing for my future clients is SAFETY. It is why we do ICC (Initial Client Consultations) because we need to know about your medical history any injuries, heart troubles, diabetes, etc because we don’t want you passing out on the gym floor or making a past injury worse. Also that is why sometimes you might need a doctor’s okay to workout. I’ve been down that road before as I always say “Better safe than sorry”.

So what does this all mean? (my instructors favorite question!) Well, bodybuilding is not entirely healthy sport (my cousin says it all the time) it can be dangerous to the point where it could leave negative effects on your body and overall health.  In fact, the fit chick I follow who did the write up about the other competitor dying, admitted that when she first prepped that she “took it too far” that she pushed her body beyond it limits but she realized it and promised herself never to do it again. She said “Listen to your body treat it well”.  Not trophy or plastic is worth it. Does that mean you shouldn’t become a competitor or continues to compete? No. You know yourself better than anyone

With that said, my deepest condolences to the family who is mourning a loss of a mother, daughter, wife, sister and friend.


You got to know your limits. Once is enough but you got to learn. A little caution never hurt anyone. A good woodsman has only one scar on him. No more, no less. ~Haruki Murkami

Take care!



Is fasting safe?

*Note this post is completely 100% my opinion please do your research before attempting to fast and make sure you have your doctors okay to do so!*

I follow a few people’s weight loss journey’s on Facebook. To protect their identity, I won’t say who this person is but they had just made a post that they were on vacation and enjoying themselves not to mention enjoying vacation foods that went along with it, plus alcohol. Which I say you’re on vacation enjoy yourself! I’m one of the biggest rebels there are in the fit world because I still enjoy carbs, and sweets once in awhile however I still try for some healthy options more on that later.

The person had started to do a keto diet (I used bodybuilding.com) which means they are cutting out carbs *insert sigh* to help aid in weight loss. It’s a lot like Adkins but they eat more protein. I like carbs just like any other person however I use them in (my favorite word!) moderation.  I don’t eat them everyday More on that later too.

Anyways back to this person when they got home they weighed in and gained about 4 pounds. Which of course is bound to happen I admire them for not being too upset about it. They’re plan of attack was to FAST. I immediately thought WHAT THE FRENCH TOAST?? Okay not my exact words but you know.  They said they planned to fast for 24 hours and just drink water.

Before I give my opinion on the matter, to answer the basic questions:

Is fasting safe? The first answer when I googled this was in a box: NO it is not safe by any means. Especially people who are diabetic, women who are pregnant/breast feeding, anyone with a chronic disease, and the elderly.

I 100% agree with this logic. I know fasting is sometimes necessary for a blood draw for certain tests then a “suggested” fast is for 12 hours in which you are allowed water and to take any medications.

As I did more research, it’s not good to do fasting. Which I found here

One thing I learned on this weight loss journey is to NOT STARVE yourself. I can’t tell you how many times I was accused of that during my own weight loss journey. It was downright insulting and I was angry at people for thinking so.  For some people, you can become dizzy if you don’t eat. When I fainted both times that was the first question I was asked “Did you eat?” Especially before my workout I put something in my stomach. Because you can become dizzy. It’s the same as hydration.

This person did mention when they ate carbs on vacation they felt lousy. Which I can relate to because I once had nothing but junk and soda at a party I wound up feeling lousy. Because your body becomes used to the fuel you are feeding it so if you give up certain foods, then if you suddenly eat them after not eating them you can feel off.

In case you’re wondering,  I did not comment on the person’s post because it’s not my place to. Yes, I could have been the voice the reason however, it’s their decision. I may not agree with it but I don’t want to hurt their feelings either. #beentheredonethat

However, if you consider a fast please do your homework first! This is from prevention.com  I don’t recommend doing it because it’s not for me.

Remember be safe as always!


Baby steps

There is a Facebook  page that I follow called Jim Gettin’ Slim He’s a local weight loss champion and he recently wrote a post about stress eating. You have to scroll down if you want to see it I tried to link it up but no avail. Anyways he hit the nail on the head.

I am stress eater.

No surprise there actually. My entire life hasn’t been easy but that’s the source of where all the weight I gained came from. As Jim said it is an eating disorder. I started stress eating pretty young I can remember it well. But I would have never admitted to having a problem. My college years (the first time)  had to be the worse, I ate like a college student junk food, fast food (all the major ones were either in walking or driving distance), you name it went down my gullet. I did not care. I dated off and on during that time and when we finally called it quits for good, food was my comfort.

Even after loosing all the weight the problem does not magically go away sadly. It can rear it’s ugly head at any time. It’s why I fell backwards enough for me to notice and to do something about it.

All is not lost.

Yesterday, I started over. I had been sick with the flu part of the week, so I did some self care first you know strip my bedding, clean the bathroom etc, then  I took out the rest of my frozen chicken to cook up, made my meal for work tonight, and I threw out the junk food that was holding me back.  I even got rid of the leftover Halloween candy that I had taken from my dad’s house shamefully. I didn’t want anymore of it.

As I’ve always said admitting you’ve screwed up is the first step. Then the following (yes you’ve heard them before):

Forgiving yourself. We’re all human we screw up but we’re hardest on ourselves.

Get back on track. This includes meal prep I didn’t meal prep at all last week or this week and that is a key factor in staying on track. Also staying on top of keeping track of what you’re eating by writing it down or using My Fitness Pal.

Get rid of the junk food. Easier said than done I try not to buy any extra goodies I do once in awhile but I keep out of site and out of mind. But this time they all went out the door.

Get back to the gym! I’ve been missing my workouts because of being sick but I plan to go back at hit it Friday!

Drink plenty of water. Sounds crazy but good old water is a great detox it will flush out all the yuck in your body.

And always remember not to give up! We got this!


A wake up call

A week ago, I was visiting a gym in the Omaha area  for school this was before we had actual class. (This was a typical practice every week so we can get a feel of different gyms that we can possibly work at in the future.) I made my usual 45 minute drive to the gym which was Fitness and Beyond  in case you were wondering.

I was happy to have arrived early as usual before the other student and the instructor no less. I chilled for a bit then we went in for the tour and meet the owner. The tour was short and sweet, we began to listen to the owner’s story of how she got into personal training. When I started to feel funny. I had been feeling off for the past week, but took it as stress and just kept an eye on it. I felt hot, light headed, I remember doing leg lifts preventing my legs from going stiff, I thought about well asking to use the bathroom cause I really had to pee (TMI I know) I was afraid if I sat down I was being lazy (stupid again I know), I heard a rushing sound in my ears and then I was out. The next thing I remember my main instructor was asking if I was okay, and six people were standing over me.

Then the questions:

Did you eat something? Duh. I’m no fool. I’m in class for four hours that’s a long time without fueling your body so I’ve become a breakfast person. In fact I believe that was the day I lost my bowl of raisin bran to my cat (he knocked the bowl off the counter while I was getting milk) and I had a glass of orange juice.

Was I okay? I seemed to be I wanted to get up off the floor but no dice the owner called 911. Yippee.

Then repeating the same answers to paramedics as the put me on a stretcher to take me to an ER. I thought all this fuss over me?

Truth be told this isn’t the first time this had happened. A year ago I was at a Relay For Life meeting when I was speaking in front of an audience and I went down. I even knew I wasn’t feeling good because I was sitting down prior to that.

I’m basically a healthy person for the most part. I don’t drink often, smoke, don’t do drugs, etc. No I’m not pregnant either (TMI but I had just ended my cycle a day before this happened). It’s called vasovagal syncope Yup I even got the information from Mayo Clinic in short it’s caused by stress. And believe me I had the stress. I know you can faint from just about anything even not eating which is why I’m pretty careful to avoid since I do workout usually after work before I go to the gym to prevent something like that from happening.

The really frustrating part was being accused by a friend because that I was eating less that I wasn’t getting proper nutrition. Even though I watch what I eat I still pay attention to what goes into my body. I eat plenty of fruits and veggies, heck I was drinking orange juice for vitamin C and I started taking vitamins.

One of the most important things in starting your weight loss journey, is to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. It will tell you when things don’t feel right. And that’s exactly what happened to me. My body was saying “Hey we’re going into burnout here”.

Like I said I was stressed, I was struggling in said class I fainted in, I also had another class in the afternoon that day, I worked overnight prior to that so I had yet to sleep, and oh not to mention I had to give a presentation after the tour (the joke was I was trying to get out of doing it). Stress thy name is Mags.

As a future personal trainer it’s important that I take care of myself too I have to be a good example to my clients, plus my instructor put as a learning experience that I’ll know what to do if my client has the same symptoms.

Yes I am okay, I did take the rest of the week to recover. Also, I decided to go to school part time as opposed to going full time (more on that later). I thought that would definitely  help reduce my stress level. I will post more on listening to your body, and rest days in the future.

Stay healthy!