I can’t do a push-up

Real talk here peeps.

I am currently taking a “group exercise class” for my requirements for my personal training certificate. It requires me to go to various group exercise classes at the Y or the local gym in Omaha. I have to observe the class while participating, along with attending “lab” or actual class room time once a week for discussion, then after we take an hour to go to the gym and we take turns “training” a group exercise class consisting of ourselves, some outside people, and a few teachers from school.

We did this workout which was as many reps that we can do in an certain amount  of time all with a kettle bell:

We did sqauts

Upright rows

Push Ups

Squats into an overhead extension

Then run 1 lap around the track (I so don’t run I walk it)

And repeat.

Fun right? (Total ass kicker by the way and I plan to do it on my own)

But I can’t do push ups.

My form is all wrong etc, etc. It was embarrassing that I, a 34-year old personal training student can’t do a damn push-up. I never could do them, even on my knees apparently I don’t do them right. Worse that two older women in my group can actually do them on their knees and I can’t. I wound up using a bar that held mats to do them standing. Don’t get me started with planks I am lucky I do those right (sometimes).

This is not the first time I’ve been embarrassed by lack of knowledge and form. I am learning but it’s upsetting to me when I can’t do anything right. I snuck a peek at my instructors notebook after our workout and all over I saw (Maggie form) it felt like a kick in the stomach.

To be honest I have only worked out on my own under no guidance no trainer (I’m cheap ha) so I’ve learned as I go (which is how I roll) plus visually. That’s one of the disadvantages of an accelerated program like mine not everything is going to be included in our scope of practice. It means that I have to do more on my own.

As of late, I’ve had some struggles, stress and anxiety which has prevented me from going to the gym as regularly as I should or I would like. Since now it’s a requirement for me to do group classes once a week as part of my assignments plus weekly training sessions as a class has been helping me ease back into the habit.

Hopefully, as time goes on I can learn how to do push-ups correctly. I just have to practice, practice, practice. Even if I have to use a stability ball that I got from school. I will do it.

Is there any exercise you struggle with?



Trying new things


A fellow vintage/fashion lover I follow on Instagram Hayley Angell has done a series on YouTube called Look Fabulous Feel Fabulous  where she has done various different workouts in the UK she’s done everything from Hula Hooping, pole dancing, belly dancing, curling (the last video) and even Roller Fitsco! (Why can’t that be a thing here??). I love her motivation to try new fun fit things it’s motivated me to to STRIVE (my word for 2017 remember?) to try some new workouts!

If I am going to be a personal trainer in 10 months I need to be well rounded in fitness. Unfortunately my down fall lately has been lack of workouts. My stress level and anxiety have hit an all time high and I find myself wanting to retreat to the comforts of my home instead of the gym. I need to break out of my comfort shell (which has been hard AF) so I thought it would take on Hayley’s challenge myself and learn something new! I’ve been scouring the inter-webs and I will be doing Cross Fit!  Which is next Saturday February 18th!

I wanted to do Barre 3 free class but it was already full (I am hoping to attempt this one later!) so I am hoping at least once a month along with my check ins, I will be sharing a post from a new workout class! I am really excited to be expanding my knowledge!

Stay tuned!!


Strive 2017

After much debate, I have a word for 2017. If you remember last year, my word was Achieve and I felt like I haven’t achieved anything. Honestly I really wasn’t going to have a word this year because I felt like 2016 was a such let down for me because I only “achieved” four of my goals. I’ve openly have talked about my struggles as I entered into the New Year, a little rough too I might add, I kind of dismissed having a word altogether. But the more I thought about it, and I was in class the other day working on my “business plan” and the word that I have been thinking about using Strive came into my mind for a gym name. Granted it’s just part of my business class, I am not sure if I will go into my own business or not after I graduate. But I liked the idea so I went with it. Actually I had gotten up early before class and went to the Y. After I logged my workout, I wrote STRIVE on my marker board:


I want to STRIVE at the gym again

I want to STRIVE in school

I want to STRIVE in my decisions

I want to STRIVE to be healthier

I want to STRIVE in my meal plans

I want to STRIVE in my goals

And so on. I guess it’s not so bad to have a word after all. Let’s STRIVE for an awesome 2017!



Snow day workout!

So we’re expecting a snow storm and you know that means: No school and no Jazzercise or YMCA insert sad face!

What is a fit girl to do?

There a lot of You Tube videos and stuff on Pinterest that you can do at home if you’re snowed in like me! But today I am sharing some superhero/villain and a wake workout that you can do at home!

Wonder Woman


Harley Quinn



Super girl

Wake up

I hope these help!

Happy Snow Day!


Working out twice

I have always heard of people doing two workouts in a day. At first I thought it was ridiculous, then I noticed a lot of ladies in Jazzercise attend two classes a day as well. For me and my schedule honestly it doesn’t work for me to go twice #nightshiftproblems. I’ve only done Jazzercise twice in one day once because it was part of a demonstration, I was off work, and I got double attendance credit. There are never enough hours in the day for me to go twice. Perhaps I’m making excuses for myself but what can I say? I like my sleep (can I get an Amen?)

Last week I only went to Jazzercise twice I fell sick with a cold and I had a week until my next 5K. Not good! Sunday night I didn’t work and I couldn’t sleep I was awake at around 5am, so I thought about squeezing in two workouts in one day. Jazzercise does have a 5:30am class but I didn’t make it to that one. So I went to the Y first before my usual 8:30am Jazzercise class. I was able to use the stair stepper machine (10 minutes), followed by some leg lifting.

I left the Y an hour before I had to go to Jazzercise to refuel and recover. This is important because you don’t want to burn yourself out and since I was going to be about an hour apart from workouts. I know that you should space out your workouts further apart in the day. Lesson learned. I did feel fine after both workouts just super sweaty!

I am planning to make it my goal once a week to try and squeeze in two workouts in a day (spaced out of course).  I will keep you posted on my progress!



Over a year ago I joined Jazzercise. I was in search of a new workout routine. In the past, I had done Zumba at the local Y but the only time I could go was Saturday mornings. I did like the classes at first but the downfall was the classes were full, the instructor didn’t really instruct so it was difficult to pick up on the moves.


I decided to attend a class with a friend during their Free Days. I was hooked. I signed up that same night.  Jazzercise has been around for a long time since the 80’s of course now it’s changed. The basic class is still the same we do a warm up stretch, followed by cardio, then we end with strength training and a cool down.

Now Jazzercise offers a variety of different classes not just the basic Dance Mixx class. Strike, Fushion, Strength 60, Intervual Fushion and Dance Mixx and Core.

The best part of Jazzercise is we do fun games, and if you attend 150 classes within the calendar year you get a free shirt. I am well on my way I about 60 classes in? I’ve lost track. But I also love that I can attend right after work, I wish I could go twice a day but in the mornings 5 times a week is what I usually I can manage. We also offer childcare too which is nice for moms. The instructors are super nice, fun, they’re very encouraging to help reach your goals!

I love Jazzercise!!